Lake Powell and so much more! Encompassing over 1.2 million acres, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area offers unparalleled opportunities for water-based & backcountry recreation. The recreation area stretches for hundreds of miles from Lees Ferry in Arizona to the Orange Cliffs of southern Utah, encompassing scenic vistas, geologic wonders, and a vast panorama of human history.

Not a bad trail if you want to share it with hundreds of your not-so, best friends. Extremely busy with tourists. Glad we did it but would love to find a time when it wasn't so darn busy.

I've been very fortunate to have grown up around such stunning trails, and horseshoe bend will leave you breathless...it's better to go right before sunset. I'd say always worth the less than a mile walk. Though it's been awhile since I've gone, I pass by every now and then and have come to realize that it has become very crowded. Anyways if you are ever in the area, be sure to make a stop at this wonderful place.

Amazing view especially at sunset as you face the bend from the east. The hike is really short and easy.

1 month ago

Be sure to carry water shoes/sandals so you can explore the bottom a bit more easily than I did! An absolutely breathtaking experience. Would go again in a heartbeat.

The view itself is absolutely 5 stars! However it's a super easy, short walk more than a hike. I'd give that portion of it like 3 stars. It does get crowded but if you go early enough to grab a good spot you'll be happy! I watched the sunset and wow! What a view! Go!

Easy trail to a popular overlook. CROWDED!!

2 months ago

Great view, but very crowded.

Review for: Spencer's Trail & Spencer's Lookout

My most-memorable hike to date. It was short but goes straight uphill for a few miles: and is worth every second and every step.

The trail itself is wicked. You are essentially walking up the side of the Vermilion cliffs. It feels raw. You trample shifting and broken piles of limestone and walk along what, at times, barely resembles any trail you're probably used to. Hard to describe. You know where you're going: the path is beaten down and visible, but there are few man-made alterations and it lacks that canny resemblance of, say, a forest trail.

The top of Spencer's Trail features one of the most breath-taking scenic vistas I've personally experienced, with an epic view of the Colorado and Page (head a bit North West to the edge to get a good look at the river).

Overall, this trail is unlike other national parks. Once you're at the top of the plateau, the next amount of time and distance is up to you. You can walk north a bit, do some cliff climbing towards the southern part: there are seemingly no limits except for what you're comfortable with. That true freedom in such a magnificent, beautiful place is a rare treasure and rare experience after visiting so many heavily-controlled and exclusion-zone-riddled national parks.

Sidenote: if you climb the small plateaus/cliffs to the south east at the top of the lookout, you will find a geology survey marker. Uploaded a pic of it, and a few sick panoramas.

2 months ago

1) You need your wide angle lens to get the entire horseshoe and rim in the shot, 2) there are only a few spots where you can even capture the entire horseshoe, unless you're ready to "go" so getting in closer to the edges is not a factor, 3) they are all occupied by people with tripods that have likely been posted up taking residence for hours, so no use waiting in 100-degree, fully exposed conditions, 4) the water is emerald green due to moss and algae, while it does make for a beautiful photo, the water is not "pristine", 5) I'm probably the only person being truthful in this review, 6) it is still a beautiful, natural wonder...just wish I could have had a better experience

Killer view for a shorter trail, walking up the hill can be tough in the sand & heat, tougher than it looks for a short trail. Well worth it though, becoming a classic place to visit in the SW

2 months ago

Went for sunrise it was an amazing view!

3 months ago

It was definitely hot even though I went in the evening. Breathtaking once you get to the area and had an amazing sunset!

Very easy assuming you bring water.

The drive to the trail head is more difficult than the hike. We hiked this with 40 youth and they swam in Lake Powell. Plan for all day to travel and hike. Hike was 2 hours round trip. Travel is about 5 hours on dirt road. If you take an ATV it would be faster.

I loved this hike/camp it was amazing. I would totally do it again. I recommend stopping at the black lagoon, it is amazing and nice to swim in.

I am also a Scoutmaster and my ASM and I just took five scouts (12-13 yr olds) on this route from Crack in the Wall to Jacob Hamblin Arch. We did it in 8.5 hours with only day packs for food and water. Everyone had a great time exploring this canyon with no incident nor injury, no blisters nor chaffing. The only hard part was after we climbed out and had to cross the desert back to the car. By then, the group was tired, hot and ready to be done but we will definitely do this again! Read more about our experience at http://blog.myscoutstuff.org/2016/06/exploring-coyote-gulch-with-scouts/

4 months ago

Definitely moderate .... Up and over a dune to the overlook. Tough to get the full panorama, but beautiful!