trail running
6 days ago

fun out and back, amazing views

Excellent scenery and a lot of variety!

9 days ago

Fav hike in Moab! Definitely a more moderate trail, very enjoyable- all the ups and downs, the towers, seeing the rock climbers, views at the end, lots of photographic moments along the way! Worth the drive out from Moab!

1 month ago

For sure a moderate trail rather than an easy one if you are not a regular hiker. Super fun with great views.

off road driving
1 month ago

Onion Creek is such a fun trail. It's an easy trail and the drive through the canyon is amazing. This trail is good for all levels of off road driving experience.

Have Fun!

1 month ago

I would definitely rate this trail as moderate and not easy. There are a lot of ups and down on the trail so the elevation gain is a bit deceiving. Especially as most of the trail is exposed and there is very little to no shade. Recommend hiking very early morning or late evening (especially late spring-early fall) All that said, it's absolutely gorgeous and well worth it!

2 months ago

One of my favorite trails in Moab. These rock formations truly feel like they are other-worldly. The trail is fairly easy although I would recommend keeping an eye on where it leads because it is easy to lose track of. The view over Castle Valley is nothing short of amazing as well. This is a MUST SEE for anybody wanting to experience Moab. Be sure to yell out a good holler to hear the echoes!

This trail is a blast! Amazing scenery with amazing buttes in the distance, mountains, canyons, and hiking in slickrock heaven. I loved the variety and the road along the Colorado River that leads to the trailhead is also spectacular. One of the best hikes you will ever do.

Wonderful trail. Very scenic. These is a lot of climbing with up and down in the climb. The Towers are awesome. We got to see climbers repelling down.

The end of the trail has an "End of Trail" sign. The views from the end are spectacular!

off road driving
6 months ago

5 stars for the amazing views on this trail. Easy drive

7 months ago

Exceptional! A good trail for all ages.

on Fisher Towers Trail

8 months ago

9 months ago

Fun hike and fairly easy with breathtaking views. We went right after a snow storm and was quite treacherous in some areas so micro spikes and trekking poles should be considered if hiking in the winter.

This was an excellent hike for us to do with our two dogs, a malamute and rottie mix. The ladder obstacle that the dogs could have probably done but we felt should avoid is easily avoided by walking about 40 yards above it and going around. It took us about 3 hours total including a few stops to give the dogs water and some time spent hanging out on the flat rocks at the very end of the trail. There was only a handful of people on the trail when we went which was from 9:45-12:45. I would suggest starting around 8-8:30 in the AM just to avoid some of the afternoon sun. It was cool in the shaded areas winding into the towers but hot out in the sun. We did this hike October 14, 2015.

great trail, beautiful at sunset.

Great trail with beutiful views of the landscape. I would rate it moderate and not easy, because it is steep at some parts and the trail is occasionally hard to follow. Did the hike at sunset, and it was beautiful.