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Nice trail with great views
When you get to the saddle at the top the trail is hard to find

Amazing views, and a well beaten path made this a great choice, and an easy hike for our whole family. It's ACTUALLY little more than a mile round-trip hike from the trailhead. It was easy for my 8 year old daughter.

27 days ago

Challenging hike with awesome views!

Great hike for the family. Not hard at all. Beautiful views of the valley. The red rock is amazing. The trail can be a little wet from the water run off.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Navajo loop trail is an awesome ride. Not very technical, for someone who hasn't ridden much in the last few years. Well maintained trail. Exercise caution through the lava beds because fishtailing might lead to an unfortunate encounter with a lava rock. (Just a scrape and it was totally my mistake. )
I would recommend this to anyone.

2 months ago

when you get to the view! it's amazing!

2 months ago

just perfect! gorgeous views... temperature was on point!

Nice hike, steep in places but fun.

Excellent! There is so much beauty, to be up close was so wonderful and we could take our dog which was huge for us.

I hiked this over the weekend for the first time and loved it. We were the only ones on the trail and were met by a few people once we arrived at the falls. The water was pretty cold but it was perfect with the 100 degree weather we were facing. Getting there was easy, basically all downhill on smooth rocks with few sandy/rocky areas. If you are hiking this in the summer, remember that going back up is entirely uphill with some very steep sections. In the 100 degree weather, the hike back was less than enjoyable. Make sure to bring plenty of water - you'll need it!

3 months ago

I thought this was a nice easy trail with little elevation gain. In mid July there were still lots of wildflowers and not too many bugs. Beautiful area.

This was a fun hike. The trail is actually only 0.6 miles one way, so just over 1 mile in to the falls and back. There are some steep edges in parts so you may want to hold younger children's hands, but they can easily maneuver the trail. Beautiful scenery along the way! Be sure to take pics! The waterfall is nice and large at the end of the trail, and you get to look over it from the top/side. Enjoy!!! :)

Not the biggest fan of switchbacks, however, this was a short but sweet trail with a beautiful view at the end.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Did as a mountain bike trip in mid-june. While some guides recommend starting at the lookout, we saved 3 miles and parked just off the highway on the road to Bown's Reservoir. Fun downhill for quite some time with great views of the Park and Henry Mountains. We took the road and passed a biker later who had taken the ATV track. He said it was really bumpy (glad we didn't choose it). At some point you will see a sign saying Tantalus 5, take this left. As you lose elevation and get closer to the park, the road gets a lot more sandy patches. Great views all of the time. After crossing Tantalus Creek you will climb until you get into the park. Just after crossing into park there is a downhill section that can be pretty technical. I rode it but my wife walked her bike. Most of the ride is easy on the technical except for this part. Riding out South Draw to Pleasant Creek is really fun and flowy. We made it onto the scenic drive where our ride found us and saved the last 8 miles to Fruita. Was 101 degrees in the park, whew! A breeze kept it pretty cool for most of the trip.

Hiked this in August for a short afternoon hike. Still a wildflower or two. Had the trail all to myself. Not really any good spots to sit near the waterfall, but very pretty and refreshing.

3 months ago

Good trail steep edges where you have to watch out for children. Cool waterfall coming out of a rock cavern at the end of the hike. A lot of great scenic views along the trail.