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there's a ton of horse pooh, and the vegetation looked dead. It was a good hike in all.

1 month ago

Relatively easy trail. Gives you a decent length to stretch out your legs. Dogs love this trail. It wasn't toobusy on a Sunday afternoon. Definitely study a trail map. There are a lot of offshoots that aren't marked. Beautiful views of the mountains.

Easy. Surrounded by houses. In the middle of Sandy. Take sunblock. Its OK.

Hiked a portion of this trail from the Centennial Loop Trail Junction north to the the Junction with the North Rim Trail.

2 months ago

Hiked this as part of a loop on the Sego Lilly Trail. Nice wide easy trails

2 months ago

Nice little hike! Went on a weekend with our dogs. Only stressor was avoiding tons of horses

This trail starts at the wrangler trailhead and heads west. It's a relatively easy trail, but good to follow the trail map that comes with the app. It would be easy to take a wrong turn in some places. It goes through some woods and under an underpass. There were some homeless people at the underpass, but they didn't bother us. Plenty of people on the trail. Feels safe.

This is a very easy trail in Sandy off the Sego Lily / Dimple Dell trail system. It's wood chipped the whole way. There are several signs explaining the vegetation and history if the area. It would be great to teach children about plants, animals, and native American history in this spot. If you use Apple Maps, it stops you in an area where you can't access the trail. There is a short little stump of Flanders Road at the trailhead. You can park on the east side.

A nice, easy trail with sparse shade on the second half. It is a little urban for my taste, as much of the path runs right alongside homes. The path is clearly marked with plenty of smaller offshoots from the main trail. If you normally hike in Chacos or sandals, I suggest different footwear for this hike. The mulch and pebble path makes for a lot of debris in your footbed. Overall, a pleasant and easy day hike.

3 months ago

I came to the trail to do some trail running. Definitely didn't like running in all the mulch. Better suited my taste for walking.

4 months ago

this was a great morning walk. it has some pretty good inclines that get your heart pumping. I'm not sure I would rate it easy. I think it is more moderate.

this was a great morning walk!!!

trail running
5 months ago

fun run

5 months ago

This was an easy but very beautiful hike.
I did the full hike 9km.
I will be back to do it again.

This is an easy, but beautiful hike. We only did about half because the dogs were tired from their initial excitement and enthusiasm. We'll go back next weekend and finish it.

Nice loop hike. really easy except for steep climb on the upper half if you go counterclockwise

Not much of a hike more of a walk but very pretty!