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Bryce Canyon National Park in southwestern Utah is one of the strangest, weirdest, most beautiful National Parks in the Southwest. Bryce Canyon is a giant natural amphitheater along the Paunsaugunt Plateau created from millions of years of erosion. The unique area has hundreds of tall hoodoos (tall, thin spires of rocks). The region was originally settled by Native Americans and later by Mormon pioneers.

Great views. A snow storm hit the previous day and left a few inches of snow. Hiked with crampons, but with the snow and ice, I would rate this as a hard hike.


11 days ago

The views were absolutely stunning. Currently, the path (from Bryce Point) is laden with quite a bit of snow (about 2 feet). I would recommend snowshoes during the winter seasons. My girlfriend and I did not have snowshoes but we did have YakTraks to slip on our hiking boots which helped give some traction. The deep snow definitely made this more hard than moderate, but in the summertime I can definitely see this being a moderate hike.

12 days ago

Amazing views, especially with the red rock and snow. Trails are covered in snow, but packed down. Bring spikes for your hiking boots and you won't have any troubles. Temp was about 35*. Brought a few layers and a light coat.

Such a fun little hike. Easy, 1 mile there and back. Very suitable for kids. The cave and waterfall is fun and this time of year, there are neat icicles. We went in with only hiking boots as the trail was packed down.

13 days ago

Hike this as part of the Fairyland Loop trail. The bridge is quite amazing and the trail is excellent and uncrowded in February

14 days ago

Hiked this trail 3 days ago with my husband. We are new to hiking, but relatively in shape. It was a challenging hike with the many turns and changes in elevation, added challenge was the steep snow. But the views and experience were well worth it. Many beautiful stops to take rest and enjoy the scenery.

I accessed this trail from the Queen's Garden and hiked clockwise to avoid trail horse groups. I hiked it in late July and it took me forever! Partly because I wasn't used to the heat and elevation, but also because I had to stop every 10ft to admire my surroundings. My favorite part was the Windows. They were amazing! So bring lots of water and sunscreen, there's no shade, and be ready to take lots of pictures!

17 days ago

This is a great loop and you can hike it two different ways. Bryce Point the usual way was closed so that wasn't an option. You can also access the trail from the Navajo or Queen's garden trail. We added this to the Navajo and Queen's Garden loop trail because we had all morning and it was worth it. Lot's of snow packed trail so chains and trekking poles make it much easier. They are not required but they do make the hike much easier when there is this much snow. The deep snow that we experienced shouldn't last that much longer unless it snows again

No one has hiked this trail for a while. There were a few old tracks in the snow from the trail-head to the Under-the-Rim trail and until the Sheep Creek trail junction. We had to break trail all the way up to the road on the Sheep Creek trail. The snow was anywhere from a few inches deep up to mid thigh in the shaded areas. Because this was the second hike today we opted to walk along the road for the last .7 miles because we were pretty tired from a 12 miles day

Completed two loops the Queens Garden-Navajo Loop and the Peekaboo loop. The Peekaboo loop starts just beyond the junction of the Queens Garden-Navajo Loop so it's a great extension if you want a longer hike. Trail is snowpacked 2/7/17 so chains are advised because of all of the snow. Must see in winter with all of the snow-caped hoodoos. And it's uncrowded to boot except for the Navajo trail which is right near the lodge.

Amazing cave that if full of icicles from top to bottom this time of year. East trail with one fork near the end going to Mossy Cave and another fort that goes to the top of a small waterfall with a couple of windows above. Because of the cold there was ice build up around the base of the small falls. The entire trail is currently covered with snow but chains or snowshoes are not required because it's well packed. Worth the short hike

20 days ago

If you had to pick one hike to early enjoy the park. This one is it, you get all aspects of the park in one hike.

Like most Bryce Canyon hikes, there is a lot of scenery crammed into a short hike. This is a great hike and gets off the rim so you can be among the hoodoos.

My sister and I hiked Fairyland Loop in December during a snowstorm, which was a unique experience. It was absolutely gorgeous but quite slippery at the time between the ice and wind. If you are in the area I would definitely check it out, though hopefully with better weather conditions than we had!

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