8 days ago

A lot of reward for so little work! It's a pretty short hike but it can get fairly steep at times. Most of the yellow Aspen leaves have fallen off and cover the ground, add that to the recent rainfall and you get some slippery parts of the trail. Don't miss the last left turn which actually heads towards Circle All Peak! There's a log that makes it look like you shouldn't cross it, but you must! Not a whole lot of room on the peak, but there are a couple spots to sit and one to lay down on. Again, the views are really nice and you can clearly see Kessler Peak, Dromedary, O'Sullivan, and Twin Peaks. I'll definitely be trying this one in the winter!

13 days ago

Very nice trail to a point at the end of a ridge that puts you in the middle of the Big Cottonwood drainage. I presume it got the name Circle-All because the higher mountains circle all around you.
The lower reaches of the trail are the steepest section as you briefly climb high above the stream. Then the slope becomes more moderate as you climb through beautiful aspen groves. When you reach the ridgeline, step across a log onto a less worn path that follows the ridgeline out to the small rise at the end of the ridge.

5 months ago

This basically follows Big Cottonwood Creek for a short distance