Trail was exteremly open and often we would have to take the side trails to make it more interesting. Definetly better then sitting home. Looking forward to hiking the sister trail across 1488.

2 months ago

Just finished a five mile hike in the park. Easy. Finding the parking lot was the most difficult part of this hike.

Very cool! Love the suspension bridge.

Beautiful area til some jerks vandalized !!!! Jerks!!! Hey jerks real satanist don't advertise. You are just being a jerk

Wide easy trails, well marked.

6 months ago

Nice is wide and easy

9 months ago

on Sweetleaf Nature Trail

1 year ago

Beautiful trails! Horse tracks evident. Neighborhoods and houses within sight if walking around perimeter of park. Otherwise, small lakes are beautiful, squirrels all around, and hawks flying!

1 year ago

I took this Trail a few weeks ago with a few friends. Well maintained, easy walk. you must check in with the Ranger Station to get the gate code. I cant wait to come back in the spring and see the woodpecker that make this place home.

We did some geocaching and there are lots to find here. Lots of spaces, looks like horseback riders have been through lately and would be great for biking as well.

2 years ago

Great for children! This trail is simple, shaded and my boys love it! Especially the "Rainbow Bridge" at the furthest point! We've done this a few times over the last few years. Always well maintained by the boy scouts in the area. SO glad to have this sweet little gem so near our community.

This is an urban forest. Has a great variety of wildlife including the endangered red cockaded woodpecker. If you live in the area...please visit, u won't be disappointed.