Gorgeous Scenery, very dog friendly, a bit of a short trail but can be made longer and harder if you go alternate routes! Great place to also bring food after the hike.

Take a suit and take a dip! Awesome place to just relax and wander with the pup.

went with the dogs, it's a bit of an ankle breaker at times, especially with a puller and there's a few places where you need to almost climb up rocks. we went after it rained so part of the trail was flooded and or slippery. but the views are great ands it's a solid hike. decent distance, although the section that's on the road is weird, watch out for cars.

Beautiful trail along clear rippling bull creek. We found it adventurous, getting lost occasionally. The markings were not adequate, but being lost in a wonderful place is not such a bad thing. Will definitely hike this trail again.

Stupidest hike ever. No obvious trail head so I was left wandering around for an hour. The only thing I found resembling a trail head dumped off on the road in 50ft

Awesome trail with hidden wonders!

trail running
9 months ago

There are a lot more trails here that aren't mapped. The best ones are a bit secret. Cross over the creek at the waterfall and head to the left and up. Then Traverse across the bluff (great view!) and there's a network of trails to explore.

Really pretty and interesting variety of views of the water but it's pretty crowded.

A little less maintained than the Barton Creek greenbelt, but it's also less trafficked which is great. Plenty of quiet once you get away from the watering holes. The waterfalls here are an overlooked natural wonder in Austin. They are spectacular after getting some rain.