Activities include picnicking; camping; boating (motors allowed - 5 mph speed limit); boat rentals; fishing; birding; hiking; mountain biking; lake swimming (in unsupervised swimming area); and nature study.

trail running
15 days ago

Great family camping and trails

If you do the easy loop the trail is closer to 10 miles. The A and B loops are pretty easy while the C&D loops offer more technical trails. Love these trails. For anyone wondering, the bridge has been repaired so the full trail is again available.

Just hiked trails A and B. Trails are well worn so it is easy to stay on path. Some nice hills, but generally easy terrain.

I enjoyed these trails that I've been back multiple times. The park does charge $6 per person for day-use entry as there is a swimming area, canoe rentals, and bikes are allowed. Driving around the lake is enjoyable by itself as there are some steep hills and curves. The trails range from easy to moderate. I've hiked them all. Loops B,C, and D allow bikes so listen and watch. Mostly shaded with thicks pines as this is in East Texas, part of the Great Piney Woods. Scenery is heavily forested but does open up. The loop around the lake itself is relatively easy and pleasant. It does have elevation changes but offers wonderful views of the lake. Very enjoyable compared to the other parks in east Texas.

2 months ago

The monotonous views along this trail is like listening to a U2 album on repeat and you're unable to cover your ears. I turned around 2 miles in.

Beautiful trail. Lots of shade

4 months ago

Very cool trail and pretty well maintained. I hiked loops A, B, C, and D. Temperatures ranged from 98-102 but the tree cover made hiking in the heat easier. One bridge is out on loop B. Terrain and elevation change made this trail challenging but very enjoyable.

Did C & D loops on warm afternoon. Great trails! Full canopy throughout, easy inclines and declines, well maintained. Bikes are allowed on this trail, so keep ur eyes and ears open!

Lots of fauna and flora along the way, differing terrain and muliple loops for any experience level.

Perfect afternoon to do the C and D loop around Tyler state park. Would love to bring my mountain bike out here next time.

11 months ago

Very beautiful state park with many things to do! The camp sites were spread apart enough to have some sense of being isolated. October is their bird watching season so bring some binoculars out!

Excellent hiking trail on Loop A!

One of my favorite state parks. A nice change of pace just outside of Tyler.

trail running
1 year ago

Great trails for running. Mostly soft with a few rocks and plenty of roots to keep it interesting. Lots of ups and downs, but no serious climbs or descents. The parking is plentiful and the facilities are clean and well maintained. If I'm ever back near Tyler for business, I'm making a point of hitting the state park trails again.

We walked around the Lake and we were back to the beginning before we knew it. So, pretty short. Since it was just a beautiful day, we rented paddleboats for an hour and enjoyed the view from on the lake! Very nice place! We will go back to do some of the longer trails next time.