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Be sure to wear hiking boots. Big, sharp rocks were frequent on this trail, which damaged my walking shoes. The path is narrow. Depending on the size of your dog, might be easier to use a long leash instead of a short one.

Pretty fun trail has a lot of forks and places you can go. Nice paved roads too. Make sure you bring a pair of boots. Very rocky but beautiful views

loose rock made it fun. views are gorgeous. needs more climbing.

Definitely a "to do" if you're passing through. 7.6 miles is a little off. I had my watch map it and it was 4.43 miles one way to the summit. Took us about an hour and 45 minutes to reach the summit. The loose rock makes it more challenging than it needs to be but your legs get a good smoking from the walking. Definitely worth taking it all the way to the peak. Bring plenty of water and small snacks. Great views.

Great! Very challenging I've done this hike twice & will definitely be doing it again.

3 months ago

Nice easy flat trail, you will encounter mountain bikers frequently on this trail.

Cardiac Hill is by far my favorite trail in the Franklin Mountains. I hike it several times each year.

Very hard trail but worth the hike. Beautiful views,lots of wildflowers and cacti.