it was great the views mild traffic and easy terrain.

Great trail,lots of up and down, a true workout. Be sure to take water!

Amazing hike! Great elevation change- awesome workout. Bring plenty of water.

Great hike for fall weather.

Lots of steps, so if you have knee problems be prepared.

Beautiful trail. Gets pretty tough at the Canyon Trail section. Bring water!

Not sure how this is the highest ranked trail in Texas. Not a bad trail, but there's nothing special to it. Basically your hiking from one Texas suburb to another. Decent traffic on a week day.

Trails are good...a little too improved for my taste. Biggest issue is crowds -- passed almost 100 dogs in a 2 hr hike. Followed hiker talking loudly on cell phone for at least a mile. Lots of trail runners. Will save this for weekdays or cold or hot days.

Beautiful trail that's really well maintained. It is a bit muddy but not too bad. It's pretty challenging in some areas, but the beautiful surroundings are worth it. The only thing I didn't care for was that the trails are very narrow in places and the moderate traffic make it a little hard to pass people. I'll definitely go again.

30 days ago

Wow, the northern half of this trail is stairs, stairs, and more stairs. Quite a workout! The trail itself is very beautiful, with loads of creeks, streams, seeps, a fern wall, pools, etc. The Little Fern and Panther trails are easy, and I recommend those if you have small children or can't take 10,000 steps.
The trail is very well cared for and maintained. It was heavily trafficked (Sunday morning) and because of the golf course, I could hear a lot of golf ball whacks. So solitude is not really part of this trail. Everyone was friendly though, and all in all it was a good hike.

Simply Awesome.

Love this trail-challenging at times, but some flat areas so you can catch your breath. Take water! It's not a looping trail, so be prepared to hike back as far as you came. This can be a six mile trek round trip or there's an additional 'Y" detour where you can add a mile, making the total 7 miles.

Love love love this trail! Best around

Nice wooded trail. Not a ton of great view points but good work out. I would rate this moderate, not hard.

I love this trail! Uahhhhhhhhh!!!

Liz Blanket

Visited Austin for the day. Randomly picked this trail to walk. Started at the small boardwalk area and saw all the fish turtles and swan. Then took off down the trail. The path is narrow and a mixture of logs dirt and stones. But there was plenty to look at and,a nice little challenge.