I loved this trail. Went on New Years day and it was super crowded. Took away from the experience some. I will definitely go back again when less people are around so I can truly enjoy it.

Great spot outside the busyness of Austin, bit of a challenge but the workout and views are worth it.

Great workout with gorgeous scenery. My favorite trail in Austin.

Possibly the best hiking trail i've experienced in central Texas.The trail provides a great workout. Lots of elevation changes and steep inclines. You'll notice very little noise pollution and people. Ideal hiking for the person wanting a challenge.

Great hiking & backpacking training trail - shady enough for warm days, lots of stairs up and down and up and down. Less crowded than Barton Creek trail, and shorter, only 3 or so miles one way. Downsides: very narrow at times, with little to no room to pull aside to let joggers pass; no water available on trail, or at trailheads; still too many people with dogs off-leash (I love dogs and taking hikes with mine, but off-leash dogs on a narrow trail is a bad idea, people). Positives: steep roads between trailheads can add in some very challenging hills to round out your hike; no mountain bikes.

Believe me and everyone else when we say you will get your workout. This is one of mother nature's stairmasters and you will feel the burn in your thighs. I accidentally started from the end and I think that actually help me from taking an emergency exit from being so tired. It's a great hike. I went with my dog some areas a very narrow so I just let him run freely. I went during a weekday and there weren't many people. The trail is well marked except for a couple of areas. I would definitely hike this again the only disappointment was I was thinking that after climbing all those stairs, I would at least get to see some grandiose view, but that wasn't the case.

1 month ago

It seems very man made, and busy. I like more remote and wild hiking areas.

it was great the views mild traffic and easy terrain.

Great trail,lots of up and down, a true workout. Be sure to take water!

Amazing hike! Great elevation change- awesome workout. Bring plenty of water.

Great hike for fall weather.

Lots of steps, so if you have knee problems be prepared.

Beautiful trail. Gets pretty tough at the Canyon Trail section. Bring water!