I was surprised at how lovely I found this. Shaded. Lots of entrances. 2.9 miles if you connect all of the dots.

Very nice close in trail system. Rugged enough to give you a good work out.

Surprisingly beautiful and secluded in the middle of the city!

Totally acceptable nature walk in town. Great to get a couple miles in, or more if you have to retrace your steps to find your phone (like I did). I definitely recommend parking at the Fox Way trailhead. There's a cul de sac, and as previously mentioned, a trash can here and as far as I could tell, the only place to park a car. I encountered one other person on a Wednesday morning, some squirrels, butterflies and mosquitoes. It was lovely and aok!

For those to whom it matters, I had full cell service on AT&T the entire time.

3 months ago