I've hoped this trail twice. It's pretty cool.

I've hiked.....typos LoL

It was beautiful!

1 month ago

Very scenic trail. Most of it was not wide enough for two people side-by-side. I purposely went and camped overnight during rainy weather so as to really ensure I'd be the only one out there. Will definitely go back when it's dry though! Was the perfect place for peace and quiet to rid the stresses of daily life.

First half of trail is open, last half has lots of brush and cat claw so look out. Some areas it's hard to see the trail but still a fun hike!

great hike, we loved the scenery and had a great time. Just watch for sticker briers

Beautiful trail if you are preparing to do something larger. Worth the day.

It was beautiful. So lush and green. We walked along a lake, sat down had a picnic, very relaxing! We did hit some stops and had to reroute because it had rained a day before. Other than that, peaceful!

Got an early start, so the humidity was not too bad for the Houston area in June. Good hike. Trail was a bit over grown, but passable. Just over three hour hike. Family had fun. One of my son's even hiked it in skinny jeans... so proud.

Hot and humid in mid April, 2016. Recent rains made the trail muddy and some areas impassable.

Very, very, very boggy after rainy season. Wear pants!!! Foliage was anywhere from 3-6 feet high and some wicked thorns. Generally flat, couple of crossings that you have to get creative on.

Plenty of fast sections. not much in the way of elevation gain/loss, but still fun.

Pretty great! Bit muddy but all in all good for a backpack overnighter!

5 months ago

Great fun for the whole family!!!

5 months ago

Great fun for the whole family!!!!

Lost Dog 4/17/16 name is Ginger we were hiking on little creek loop trail between Forest rd 203 and West Fork Trail just pass the creek. found on 4/18/16 in good health. about a mile away. we had 2 employees that worked for Sam Houston National Forest they open the gate on Forest road 203 so we could post flyers on the trail. I did not get their names it was a female and a male riding in a pickup checking the gates. if you see this thanks again for taking the time to help.

Beautiful trail that is well maintained and well marked. The undergrowth was high on some areas that blocked the view, but still beautiful. There are several creeks that run through the area that my dog used for water but they were stagnant. I am sure during a wetter season you could resupply your water. I spent the night listening to the wind rush through the young pines.

Easy, well marked trail....April is the perfect time to take this hike. Dog friendly. Bring water.