3 months ago

I have hiked this trail twice this week and I must say, what a great work out! It has great elevation changes that if done right really work the legs! This trail runs parallel with the water so it's super pretty to boot! My only complaint is that the trail ends abruptly due to debris in the way of the last bit of it. But it's still a great choice!

4 months ago

Very pleasant trail and well marked. We were a bit confused about when it ended, but that was mostly because my Fitbit misreported the distance. Several people stopped and swam in the river. Nice trail.

It was pretty and fun! With plenty of steps....

Elevation was good, not just straight forward!

5 months ago

Great hike! Easy to find. A majority of the trail is shaded. The access to the water is perfect for a hot day. Can't wait to hike this trail again.

5 months ago

6 months ago

Very nice trail

Nice trail

definitely not a biking trail very challenging love the water

8 months ago

It's a good hike in and out. A fair amount of elevation changes, but I love this trail. It's well maintained and always clean. Since I live close to the trail I'd like to thank all the tourists for keeping my home clean.

9 months ago

It was a great hike. Tricky in some areas wear comfortable clothing and good shoes.

10 months ago

Good trail pretty easy with a couple spots that are tricky. Beautiful views of the river.

1 year ago

this trail is called something like, "south river bend trail" on the info board at the trail head. I took my wife with a 1 year old on her back and my 5 and 3 year old along for the trip. Everyone was able to complete the hike without much effort and energy, which they immediately managed to rerouter towars complaining and bickering. At any rate, the trail seems well maintained except for a couple of spots of severe erosion that are being worked on. to be honest it was a little lack luster when it ended at a pump station with little room for river access. without the kids this trail had a couple more water access points that can be got to, but it just didn't float our boats. boring trail so it earned a two, but the river is truly beautiful in its own right, minus this trail and it's still worth floating.

Nice riverside trail that's not crowded. You'll see fly fishermen on the weekends at this place since they stock the river just below the Canyon Lake Dam. Wish it was a longer trail!

2 years ago

This trail is 1.5 miles one way. The path is well-packed dirt with logs bordering the trail most of the way. The trees provide a canopy for most of the trail, so it is a nice and shady walk. The trail is a combination of level walking with intermittent climbs. There are wooden steps for the ascents/descents and two wooden bridges. The trail is narrow at times with overgrowth. The path goes through the woods along the Guadalupe River, with homes on the other side of the river. This is a beautiful, comparatively short trail. If you are looking for a wilderness trail, this may not be the one for you because you can see the homes across the river at times and the trail borders a sports field part of the way. The end of the trail is ill-defined. When you come to a fork and see a path running along the fence of the sports field, you know that you are at the end. the trail just loops around the fork.

I loved this trail. It was just what I was looking for. I went in the middle of the day in late April, and it was pleasant and breezy. I packed a picnic lunch and sat by the river when I finished the hike.

The side trails leading to river access make it so beautiful. Loved that it was not crowded. Some houses build along the river were spoiling it for me though.

Nice short trail that stays close to the river. There are several side trails that lead down to the river where you can do some wading. The water is shallow enough in some sections for my little girls to walk out into the flow with me.

very easy and pretty trail along the river. one of our favorites with our young grandson