Park is still closed. Lots of road noise...also the constant sound of leaf blowers around the south east area. Might want to save this hike for the summer when the leaves will dampen some of the noise. Trails are not marked very well (which may be due to the park being closed for months). Yet there is a ton of fresh trash all over the trails. Come on people! Pack your trash out!

yep, still closed added a photo. 01 OCT 16

9/5/2016 closed until further notice due to flooding and damage. Will try again once it reopens.

really exciting, had a great time.

One of my favorite places. There's a huge waterfall but it's hidden... Be a local and go find it ;)

Lots of natural water, can cool off. My 8 yr old hikes with ease. 6 miles in less than 2 hours. ♡

One of the "paths" isn't really a path, I guess. After an hour of hiking and getting through fallen trees, the path just disappeared. Also, we were really excited to see a waterfall (lots of great hiking and waterfalls in the mountains, where we are from), and we were very disappointed to find it was just taller than my husband and had an unsightly pipe across it. (Picture of my husband and child in front of waterfall in uploaded pictures.)

Good definitely longer then 1.2 miles of you wander each trail few people which is nice