McAllister Park is comprised of 976 acres on the north side of San Antonio between Jones Maltsberger and Wetmore Roads. The park’s original 713 acres were purchased and developed using 1964 Bond funds and a Federal Open Space grant. When the park officially opened on April 13, 1968, it contained four miles of trails, 125 picnic units, restrooms and parking areas.

Twice my mom and I went out to this trail and twice we have gotten lost making what should have been maybe an hour of hiking a 3 hour hike. We are both Girl Scouts and we both regularly go hiking so it's not like we are unfamiliar with hiking trails. It is just so poorly marked and there are so many smaller trails that take off from this loop that it is easy to get turned around!

Easy to walk and great for kids and adults looking to walk in a park. Some trails missing signs good walk overall

I love this place

Awesome as always!

trail running
5 months ago

Some trails in this park are nice and paved. Other trails are covered in fist sized rocks. A new visitor to the park might start down a good trail and end up twisting an ankle 2 miles in when they end up in one of those overly rocky trails.

It was a nice and friendly trail. Only complaint was that there was construction in the way and no markings on the trails. Besides that, I had a great time.

the trail itself is good but the City of San Antonio spends millions to get concrete trails everywhere and zero dollars on marking this beautiful trail.
there could be some overall health improvements if the city would promote hiking a little more.

I run in this park frequently. The east side of this loop has very large fist-sized rocks covering the trail. Perfect way to twist your ankle. I never go on the blue loop because of that.

really great outdoors. everyone is so nice

It's nice for a small hike

The trail was nice but very poorly marked

Very good. So big that I got lost and had no water to back me up during the summer heat.

Great trails. Lots of different trails to ride. Concrete and dirt.

mountain biking
1 year ago

Mesquite is starting to grow around the fringes is the singletrack. Make sure you have spare tubes or tubeless

mountain biking
1 year ago

mountain biking
1 year ago

Good trail, I am fairly new to the mountain biking community but have a long history of motorcross and trail riding on dirt bikes. I found this trail to be pretty fun, a little hard to navigate by yourself, I probably did over 10 miles my first trip because I got lost so many times and kept finding myself on the orange trail. The second time I went out with this app open and double checked myself on parts I was not sure of. The last two times I have been able to ride strait through without a problem and have gotten a pretty good cardio workout both times. There are some rocky spots but also some pretty fun down hill sections (if you can call them that) will some nice little berms you can hug in the corners. There are plenty of additional little loops off the main blue loop you can hit up that will lead you back to the trail if you are in the exploring mood.
I highly recommend you try this area out if you are new to the area or the sport like I am.

mountain biking
1 year ago

Great fun ride not hard

On a typical day I'm a simple suburban street rucker. Yesterday late afternoon I decided to expand my horizons and hike the much talked about blue loop at McAllister Park. Right off the bat I believed the route to look fairly simple, the map depicted a thick blue loop that left me with no questions or concerns on how I would get there and REMAIN on the loop. Boy was I wrong! I'm still trying to figure out where I went wrong. Eventually, markers became less common and if there were any they would be knocked down and missing the arrows. The seemingly hundreds of forks in the trail made me constantly doubt my direction. I know for a fact I made it to the archway on the blue loop and was presented with yet three other directions to proceed. Somehow I made it back the beginning of that part of the loop, talk about MIND F*** and proceeded to back track. I found a trail that lead me to a soccer field (somewhere near the dog park, I'm assuming) and from then on walked on the paved drive way back to the kitty park near the entrance. What a hike! Overall it took me about two and a half hours and 7.5 miles to finish my hike, the trails were absolutely beautiful and as I was surrounded but nothing but trees and deer for company I was astonished on how vast this park really was. As a total newbie, I can warn other newbs that going on a hike on a whim and with no real information on the quality of the trail is no bueno. I don't regret it in the least, but it would have saved a lot of future anxiety and frustration if I had properly figured out a way to get around hassle free. Anyways, rucking off the street was an awesome experience and I know I'll be doing it again soon.