Haven't done the entire trail yet because I had my little ones with me but have done about 2 miles of it and we really enjoyed the hike.

Love the area and the accommodations. We will return

5 months ago

looked so pretty but shut down until June 24 due to flooding.

Awesome trail! Beautiful scenery that's great for photography. One of the most beautiful places I've been to...

Great place to go hiking, but there aren't nearly enough signs on the trails and there are a lot of turn offs.

9 months ago

Always have liked this park. It is growing for sure. The map is lacking and needs some work. Be sure to watch - the Ameri Trail (blue) is tricky. Looking at the map - did not understand that we were going on a 10 mile hike. Thought we were going to do a 3.8 mile loop but that is not what worked out. Also talked to others that were having the same problem. But if you just stay on the Peach Creek Loop and other trails, it is great for the family. There is some beautiful scenes and a great get a way without leaving the area.

It's a nice park. I came here for some geocaching but most of the ones we looked for was not there any more.

2 years ago

Checked it out for geocaching (there over 30 in the park). Agree with other reviews the map is lacking and needs work. Looking forward to some primitive camping in the fall.

2 years ago

This is a lovely park, but the map that the park hands out is not complete and some of the trails are not clearly marked. We started off on the AmeriTrail, not knowing it was 9 miles out and 9 miles back. The map doesn't show the whole trail, so after about 3 hours of walking, we started to get concerned and ended up taking a trail along railroad tracks. We basically got lost in the park and ended up walking for 8 hours before we made our way back to the parking lot. Because all of the the trails are not clearly marked, it was difficult to tell where we were. Also, the park closed at 6pm and we were stuck inside until after 9pm. I don't think anyone came looking for us even though our car was sitting there all day. :(

Pretty suave trail, the scenery is wonderful and trails are kept up with. A good family trail!

3 years ago

Great trail for a couple hour get away. Terrain is up and down, tree roots on the trail , some hard packed soil and some lose sandy areas too. Bring your camera lots of great scenic shots along side peach creek. The Trail also connects to the AmeriTrail which is an awesome trail too. The AmeriTrail is 9 miles out and 9 miles back it runs along caney creek which is about 200 feet wide at some points I came across to wild hogs on this trail and there are primative camp sites along the way. All the pictures I added are of peach creek I was unable to finish the AmeriTrail I ran out of Time and wasn't planning on an over night trip so I will be planning a return over night in the near future. Well Enjoy the Great Outdoors.

4 years ago

I completely agree. The nature center is a must see. nice maintained trails. Wonderful staff.

Easy hiking trail. several nice bridges. peaceful. The park has a nice nature center now and the staff is very friendly. We stayed in the Lazy Creek Lodge a few times and really enjoyed it.