mountain biking
1 month ago

Lots of fun single and double track trails to ride. These are my default riding trails when I only have an hour to ride in the evenings. Easily accessible from my home. I have a 14 and a 20 mile option along the bayous from my home to the park and back. Have also done these trails at night which adds a whole new element of fun.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Went riding today and the trails are great.. no mud.. a lot of debris like sticks and leaves on trails but nothing too bad.. I moved a lot out the way or broke em as I ran em over.. seen some deer.. overall very nice ride.

Went for hiking in the morning, saw quite a few snakes. It was hot but beautiful. We decided to detour from our map and go through unpaved muddy routes. It was fun 9 miles hike. The trail was filled with bikers. It definitely seemed to be awesome place for biking.

I don't recommend taking a walk here after 7pm. There were A LOT of snakes. Not sure what kind they were, but it was pretty scary walking back to the car... There were lots of bike riders. I would go back for a bike ride, but not interested in going back for a walk as it wasn't the most scenic. If you like walking on a paved sidewalk, it's probably great before the evening so you don't run into snakes.

mountain biking
5 months ago

it finally opened today! :) june11/16

I went yesterday for my first ride at this trail, I believe the best part of it its flooded. I tried to pass the first flooded area in the path, thought it wasnt too deep but as soon as I saw the water up to half of the 29" tires on my bike and still going deeper, I stopped and turned around, that was deep enough for an alligator to lurk under the dark waters. Though you can ride about 5 or 6 miles in the opposite way, its not as fun as it looked down the floody path. If youre planning to ride after 6pm, I strongly recommend to take repellent with you. I plan to go back in a couple months. Safe rides and keep on pedaling. May 25th 2016.

Currently closed due to flooding.

It was a great outdoor experience. We saw snakes in and out of water, ducks and egrets. Then we got chased down by mosquitoes on our way back

Beautiful hike

Trail great condition, not to crowded, nice scenery.

great trail, been going there since I was in highschool in the 90s with my friends and loved ones when I became a family man and still do to this day.

Beautiful walk this morning with my 9 mth old dog. Great weather and plenty of room for the cyclists and the hikers.

Have been hiking and biking in the park. It's 7800 acres so lots of areas to explore. Try off trail hiking and you will be surprised. Have spent many hours in the park on and off the trails. Highly recommend.

It is nice in a cloudy day, however, In a sunny day, it is uncomfortable due to the lack of big trees. It is also frequented by bikers which makes unsafe for hikers ( at least the day I hiked the trail).

There is no tree cover at all along the trail. Nice trail, but it floods and no where to go but back. Nice trail by looks but it's not very fun in my opinion.

OK here's the REAL trail: from Fry Rd and Highland Knolls----Highland knolls dead ends at fry, then george bush park begins. Head in about 1/2 a mile and as soon as the woods really start, just before the trail turns south, there's a small wooded entrance to the left. You can follow the partial trail all the way back to an old creek bed and then it turns east and follows the bed. If you go far enough there's a geocaching spot out there that I stumbled on accidentally. GREAT hike, saw wild bore and not another human. HIGHLY RECOMEND.