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I have walked this trail many times because it is a great place to take your four legged friend. Plenty of water in the lake for him to drink and the trails are easily accessible. It is quiet and away from city noise.

GORGEOUS day for a hike! So many years since I've been hear, so nice to rediscover. So many trails to discover and so much to do! Will definitely bee back soon! #52hikechallenge2016

2 months ago

This is an amazing place to go just hiking around. Beautiful and clean I have been on this trail several times. And it never gets old.

Great place to hike

We went today. What a hidden gem! The directions to the place must be updated. We loved it! Will definitely be back!

Great hike!! My son who is 8 had a great time we loved the "ruins". He did hiked the whole trail with no problem. The only thing we did not like was the grass was really tall in the meadows....we should have worn long pants.

This trail features beautiful lake views and some changes in elevation. It was solid hike that I will definitely do again.

It was a nice hike. You have to pay to get into the park and access the trail. :(

Good trail, not very difficult.

3 months ago

My husband and I wanted to check this place out because we had heard good things about it through their Facebook page. we went and hiked for about two hours. There was a lot of neat wildlife out there, including the Buffalo like they advertise. Unfortunately, for my taste, some of the trails were not maintained enough. There were a few places you would have to walk through tall grass, and considering the proximity to the lake and the fact that we spotted a cottonmouth, it seemed like it would increase your chances of being bit by a snake.

There is a neat little educational center with an owl, hawk, baby alligator, snapping turtle, and a few snakes on display. They also have a neat birdwatching room. Even as an adult, I felt like the center was neat. I would recommend these trails still, but be wary on them because of the snakes and the fact it isn't as maintained as some of the other non-concrete trails in the area.

4 months ago