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7 days ago

This is a tough trail but there's enough easier stuff that it's worth doing even if you have to walk a few technical features. The main source of difficulty are the limestone ledges, up and down. As well as the climbing.

Some things to note though...
#this trail is first a motorcycle trail, then a mountain bike. You aren't supposed to be there on foot. Sounds strange but that is how the park was formed and grandfathered. So be careful if you hear a moto coming behind you, scoot out of their way.

#the balcones canyons preserve people would love to shut this park down to save the Golden Cheeked warbler and black cap vireo and cutting new trial or going off the designated trail will give them the kind of ammunition that they need to do so.

So PLEASE stay on the trail and abstain from cutting branches or trees unless you're with an officially sanctioned volunteer work crew.

Easy and peaceful trail. you will get your feet wet most of the time.

Not very difficult and I'm pretty out of shape. It's pretty, you cross the creek a lot, at times with not a clear line of rocks, so you'll probably get your shoes wet (it's really not deep, it's not a big deal). They allow dogs off the leash and there were a LOT of dogs when I went, running around. It gets mildly more difficult further in, but for the most part the trail is flat. People leave their plastic bags of dog poop all over the place, unfortunately.

TL;DR It's nice scenery, it's not difficult, don't go if you don't want to be approached by dogs throughout the trail. And your shoes might get wet.

Was beautiful expect for all the nasty doggie(plastic) bags full of poop all over. People shove them in holes of trees hang them in trees and it was honestly disgusting to see. Austin had gone plastic free so why not allow the poop to disintegrate naturally instead of picking it up and placing it into plastic bags. Make zero sense. Hmmm dog poop takes a few weeks and plastic bags, well never. Think people. Other than that it was a great hiking trail.

22 days ago

Easy trail. not sure why it's rated moderate. You cross the river a bunch of times.

my wife and I had an amazing time. it was great. a great trail for people and dogs. we'll definitely be back to this trail.

Really enjoyed this one. The dogs are almost all off leash so prepare for that. Due to the giant barreling huskies running at you I would not recommend this for small children, small dogs or dogs with any behavioral issues.

You must be spry to perform this hike. I did okay crossing the first 5 creek (after a rain it can get deep in some places) crossings and then fell in the water about half way ha. Definitely a hike you want to wear chacos or other water/hiking shoes.

Trail was busy on a Saturday morning, probably pretty nuts in the summer months as there a good places to sit by/in the water to cool off

We had a great hike and it was perfect for my 8 year old son who loves crisscrossing the Creek.

mountain biking
1 month ago

This trail is decent. It's not challenging unless you go off trail which is extremely easy here. Go off trail here and you'll quickly find triple black diamond jungle stuff on private property. Don't go alone.

on Turkey Creek Trail

1 month ago

Must love dogs (which I do), they're everywhere! Make sure to wear water shoes or shoes you don't mind getting wet. The entire trail runs along and often through water.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Awesome trail. Water crossing areas that are especially fun for dogs, kids, and kids-at-heart alike!