Such a beautiful and fun trail! My dog LOVES it and every time I leave I feel worked out and tired hahaha
Such a pretty view when you reach the top and the natural trails are incredibly adventurous:)

Well maintained, enjoyable trails.

Hillview Nature Trail is the only trail in the park that is a loop trail by itself. Hillview surrounds the other trails except the Red Oak spur. The northwest section is my favorite including the Bush Hill area. Except for a very short paved section close to the parking lot, the trail is natural surfaces. The trail is well maintained as is all the trails in the park.

These sections contain both paved and natural trails that are all well maintained. We preferred the views within the natural trail areas, but all is very nice. Easy going as this area misses the rocky trails.

This is just one of many loops that can be done at this very nice park. Trails are very well maintained and everyone can design combinations to suit what they wish to do....paved, natural, or rocky. We particularly liked Red Oak, northern section of Hillview, and Shady Creek, although we would utilize all of the trails here.

The first time we tried Eisenhower Park, we didn't like it as much. We had selected the paved trails instead and didn't find it much of a challenge. The second time we chose Hillview/Ref Oak trails and found it to be an easy to moderate hike about 3 miles total from start to finish. Much better experience and would very likely return again.

Real nice trails, would be nice if dog owners will pick the poop and take it away, some trails really stink!

Very cool afternoon walk, be aware not all trails are easy for kids or strollers as some people we saw thought

3 months ago

Good place to get out of the city, and theres usually not *too* many people to run into!

trails are well marked, maps are provided, bathrooms available and lots of trail variety.

I love it there! Amazing trails and paths. The view is spectacular! I would advise you go to the bathroom before cause although the porter potties are convenient, it would be best to not need them

4 months ago

We take our dogs here often for a little walk. Moderately busy. Grounds workers are always on mules on the paved trails it seems. The trails are very well kept as a result though.

it's a nice trail.