on Lake Lavon via Trinity Trail

15 days ago

After parking in the Trail head parking lot, seeing a trail.that lead only to the lake, I walked bio up to parking area and could not find the Trail head. It looks like you walk along the road! must revisit. Not clearly marked.

trail running
16 days ago

This trail is NOT just a horse trail, there's not a fee, and dogs are allowed so long as they are on a leash...just to set the record straight. It does close at times if flooding occurs in an effort to save the trails. We've hiked from Brockdale towards the East head and from Brockdale towards Highland. Both routes are very beautiful.

Followed GPS all the way there, only to be turned away and be told it was a horse trail. If I wanted to go any further, I'd have to pay. Epic fail.

This was my first trail that made me fall in love with hiking! Quiet and peaceful and very green.

Enjoy this trail often. Section from Highland Park trail head north behind Fairview is well shaded. At the north end of the trail is a giant Sycamore tree with a picnic bench. Great for running and hiking when not muddy.

trail running
3 years ago

pretty boring hiking trail, probably only good for long gear testing sorts of walks, but it is a very nice area for trail running (only reason for the 3 stars). Be mindful of the horse riders, summer weekends bring the crowds.

Found the equestrian trailhead and hiked in. Came to late in the day and will have to return again to see it all. Nice views and would be great on horse back.

We didn't go far because the trail was too muddy. It rained the night before. I would like to finish this trail on a dryer day. As far as I can see though, this trail is a great trail to hike. Here's a map that I found later: http://www.trinitytrailriders.org/trinitytrail25mile.pdf and more info here: http://www.trinitytrailriders.org/

We weren't allowed into the park at all because we had a dog and he was not allowed into the park. The map leads you to Collin Park to access the trail. If I missed something, someone let me know. Suckola! N

Went with wide and our two dogs on May 6th. Trail is very overgrown, with grass just short of knee height. Not fun for us but the dogs loved it.

5 years ago

Was surprised how fun this trail was. There was some small rolling hills, but nothing extreme. Me my wife and son hiked 18 miles of it and had a blast. Some real beautiful views of Lake Lavon. No bikes on trail so that was a plus. More horse back riders then hikers bt they were all very friendly. Lots of shade. See pictures! Highly recommend this trail for hikers or horse back riders.