I absolutely love this place, and I've gone time and time again. There are so many trails to explore, and plenty of area to cover for a good workout as well. It has beautiful views of wooded areas, creeks, and fields. Butterflies are commonly flying around, and lots of beautiful flowering plants. The only downside is that it very popular and you'll likely see lots of people on the trails with you, especially in the wooded areas. I don't mind it, but if you're looking for a peaceful time alone then you may want to go during a week day when less people are likely to be there.

Best park in the area! Whether you want to run on paved paths (for my wife) or like to run trails (run the mt bike trail for the best challenge), this is a great place for running, especially during the week during the day. I stay away from the park on weekends with nice weather, as it can get rather crowded. very nice playground for your kids, as well as a nice mountain bike trail (tons of switchback, elevation change, exposed terrain), defintely 5 star.

25 days ago

Very nice park. Clean. Even though it's in the middle of the city, it still has a very real wilderness feel. Very minimal trash which I was pleasantly surprised by. Overall awesome experience. We definitely be going back.

29 days ago

Great trail that pushes your body but is do-able for the whole family, my min pin included!

trail running
2 months ago

Would definitely go back.

2 months ago

This is a beautiful escape from the busy areas. There are many choices of trails. Paved for everybody to use, walking only, and biking only. The walking trails lead through wooded and none wooded areas. Except for the few occasions where you see houses, you can't tell that you are close to a big city. It took us about 30 minutes to do the outer loop trail, that included a few detours.

Trail is nice and well maintained. It has lots of shade to keep cool under and a variety of paths. The real downside is it is very busy and you will rarely have the place to yourself unless it is early on a weekday.

3 months ago

Great place. My favorite thus far. Plenty of paved paths to walk and even more dirt trails to walk. There is also a separate mountain biking area. This place is heavily trafficked but you see fewer people on the dirt trails. More than enough shaded and open field paths. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 for two reasons: 1)you can find trash on the ground pretty much anywhere(but it's not out of hand, just visible). I've seen people's clothes and shoes discarded along the dirt trails. 2)not all paths are marked and there are stations around the park that show you a map and "you are here". NONE of those signs actually show you where you are on the map so it can be confusing. Family friendly. They have a playground and picnic area. They even provide free wifi in a nature preserve. You can't beat that.

Best running in North Dallas area. Great challenges in trail running - hilly and fantastic!! Love.

The best running trail in North Dallas/Plano area. One of the few with at least SOME elevation changes!