Camping - Features 355 mostly wooded campsites with a shade shelter over some of the picnic tables. Each site has water, electricity, a fire-ring, a lantern pole, and a picnic table. All campsites are within walking distance of restrooms with hot showers. Additionally, there are 30 primitive campsites.

11 days ago

Cedar Ridge Preserve is the best kept secret for hiking in the DFW area.

Very nice weekend hike! The trails are narrow and we had to step to the side often to allow bikers to pass, but it was always a friendly encounter. Would recommend.

Lots of bikers but great clean trails

Pretty hike but found it to be extremely easy. No idea why it's rated hard. Cedar Brake was much more difficult and I think it's a moderate trail.

This trail is nice and relaxing and links you up to the 3 other trails the have a few more difficult spots.

loved the trail only issue would be traffic flow of bikers while hiking. beautiful hike!

1 month ago

1 month ago

nice trail with well marks.

2 months ago

Good Mountain biking trails

This should be tagged with SPIDERS :(

I'm sure that this place is pretty cool, on an overall basis, but I had an awful experience. My boyfriend and I went at the end of the day yesterday (on a Sunday), and we just wanted to hike for an hour or two. We didn't know we had to pay an entrance fee (which in retrospect makes sense for a state park), so that sucked since we weren't going to be there that long.

But anyways, my main point is to say - If you don't like spiders, DO NOT go on the Dorba trail in October. We hiked about a mile into the trail, and suddenly realized we were surrounded by them, and they were huge! I have terrible arachnophobia, so this was a huge issue for me.

Yes, I realize we were walking into nature's environment, but I'm just posting this as a warning for others who enjoy nature but hate spiders like I do. They were literally everywhere, hanging down from all of the trees, on either side of the trail, and they were low too, so if you weren't paying attention, you would in fact run into them.

I just read that it's prime spider season (which I didn't know), so I just want other people to be aware.

Again, I'm sure the park is cool, but just wanted people to know!

it's really great trails