It was a nice easy stroll along side the river with occasional ups and downs. Nothing steep just a couple of hills here and there. Peaceful and quiet away from city noise.

Very nice trail.
Well marked and path was pretty easy to follow. It had few challenges but we enjoyed it!
We went hiking and primitive camping and really enjoyed the camp site.

Good trail close to DFW. It wasn't as well marked as I would've liked. Especially when you get to the marina. But overall, good hike that can get you away from the crowds.

1 month ago

Recently updated the tracks for this trail with last year's trail changes. Download for your use so you won't get lost, especially on the west side of Eagle's Roost. The trail comes out to be 14.53 miles in length, not what is reported on this site.

lot's of fun. Bring a water filter!!

By the way, if you want up-to-date info about the trail, then join the Facebook group:

I see that on this site they still have inaccurate information about the trail, plus what they show on the map is only a portion of the entire trail. The trail is 14.25 miles long, not 14.9. If anyone wants some accurate tracks, I uploaded some onto this site last year. Well, mostly accurate. Part of the trail has changed again and I have yet to do those tracks.

A nice trail along Lake Texhoma.

I hiked from the Juniper Point trailhead to Cedar Bayou. Trail well marked and in good shape.

The below review that says its $5 to go on the trails is incorrect. The fee is only if you want to park inside the marina's gated parking area. The trail itself is free and there is unsecured roadside parking.

Entry fee of $5 per person just to go on trails.