Recently updated the tracks for this trail with last year's trail changes. Download for your use so you won't get lost, especially on the west side of Eagle's Roost. The trail comes out to be 14.53 miles in length, not what is reported on this site.

lot's of fun. Bring a water filter!!

By the way, if you want up-to-date info about the trail, then join the Facebook group:

I see that on this site they still have inaccurate information about the trail, plus what they show on the map is only a portion of the entire trail. The trail is 14.25 miles long, not 14.9. If anyone wants some accurate tracks, I uploaded some onto this site last year. Well, mostly accurate. Part of the trail has changed again and I have yet to do those tracks.

A nice trail along Lake Texhoma.

I hiked from the Juniper Point trailhead to Cedar Bayou. Trail well marked and in good shape.

The below review that says its $5 to go on the trails is incorrect. The fee is only if you want to park inside the marina's gated parking area. The trail itself is free and there is unsecured roadside parking.

Entry fee of $5 per person just to go on trails.

The trails are pretty, however if you veer away from the main trail to other, smaller trails you will get lost. It's very easy to get turned around. There are not enough signs marking the smaller trails and some have washed away due to major flooding last year. The main trail is the only one marked on this app, as long as you stay on it you'll be ok! If I visit this place again, I will remember to stick to the main trail!

8 months ago

Amazing place! Clean and very well signed all over the trail. We were going to do the whole way and back over the weekend but there are just so many beatiful scenic places that we stopped a few times and decided to camp in two different places near the Cedar Bayou Marina. We will definitelly go back to the other parts on the next weeks.

I started at the main trail head, at the state line. The first two miles of trail are tough with some steep climbs and descents (depending on direction of travel), I would not recommend that section to MTBs. The first section of trail lets out at Cedar Bayou, which is an RV campground, there aren't signs indicating where to proceed from there, however you should follow the road, in whichever direction you choose, there is another trail head just past the road gate, beyond the "cabins". Once on the trail you can go left for juniper point, or right for the lost trail. I took the lost trail loop which meets back at the found trail loop and the main trail. There are green and red arrow signs at ground level, these indicate bypasses that always meet back on the main trail, the red arrows are supposed to indicate a more difficult path while the green indicate a less difficult path. I completed the lost trail loop then returned to the main trail head at the state line, as that is where I left my vehicle, so I took the red bypasses out, and the green bypasses back.

Overall the sections of trail I traversed were in great condition, well marked (with the exception of the RV campground plopped in the middle of the trail). A little slick and muddy in some areas, more so on the first two miles.

Great getaway spot. The trail show signs of previous washout, but it's in really good shape now. I put in at Cedar Bayou and camped overnight at the small 4.5 mile camp. Someone built an awesome lean-to shelter there and it was a perfect place to enjoy the view. I did get off trail a little bit on the way up since there are a lot more side trails than I expected. I ended up doing an extra 1.3 miles and came across the lost loop by accident before getting back on the main trail. I recorded and uploaded the return track back to the marina which came in at 2 miles. Overall, much more challenging than I expected. The guy running the marina was super helpful and it's a nice fenced area to park if camping.

Hiked and camped at Eagle's roost. Nice trails and enjoyable time.

Great hike to eagles roost

Great hike in regards to its close proximity to DFW. Great place to test gear before a legit trip.