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The park offers day-use and camping facilities; hiking; horseback riding; mountain biking; boating on a no-wake lake (120-surface-acres, 30' when full); fishing; lake swimming; a scenic drive; guided tours; and seasonal concessions offering horse rentals. Almost 90 miles of multi-use trails range from the very difficult in rugged terrain to trails with less than 3% grade. About 25 miles of the trails include cliffs and drop-offs, with steep climbs and descents that are recommended only for the experienced equestrian and mountain bike riders. When visiting Caprock Canyons State Park, be sure to check out the recently completed audio driving guide to the park. It's like having a tour guide on your own schedule and it's free! The audio guide is available for check-out, at the park headquarters, on tape or CD ($5 deposit).

Did the Lower and most of the Upper Canyon Trails. We were there after some late spring rains so the foliage and desert flowers were in full display. Was practically lush and a great reminder of just how adaptable desert plants are. The green of the trees and the deep red canyons made for beautiful contrasts. Will definitely be going back!

Very easy trail for most of the trail until you have to go down the trail from the overlook. My friend and I took the upper loop trail and ended at the overlook trail. Going down was the only challenging part. Not marked at all on the descent so we had to assume we were going the right way, which was scary but the view at the overlook was very beautiful!! I definitely want to go back and do it again.

Great hike! Channeling for a 65 year old.

Great experience with my grown son. Able to spend time together in nature. God lives in the fern cave area. "Be still and know that I'm God". Sit under the ferns and relax with your eyes closed and all your worries just float away. Some places on the trail are a little confusing on which way to go so be careful. If you get aways down a trail and it suddenly drops off then turn around and go back. Other than that very good trails and most of the time just when you start to think you went the wrong way you see a marker that confirms your on the right trail. There's just enough challenge at the top of the mountain to make it fun and challenging but not so much that you feel insecure. Just don't forget to take enough water. Start out with a heavy pack. It'll be a lot lighter at the end once you drink.

Pretty tough climb, take lots of water

Great views!

Awesome trail! I hiked the upper and lower canyon. Take your camera!

We had a great trip to this park. We hiked the north prong to south prong primitively site on the first night. The second night we hiked the Haynes ridge. The only negative thing I have to say about this park is that the trails are not marked well. My GF and I walked off the trail a few times. Other than that, I had a great time here. It's a scenic park with lots of great views!! I recommend it!!

The trail does provide good views once you get to the top, but ordinary otherwise.

Great canyon hikes.

Desert scenery is a welcome change for a boy from Missouri. Overall an easy hike. It did get steep past Fern falls and the descent was very steep and washed out descending Haynes Ridge. highly recommend.

Great trail, beautiful scenery and challenging elevations at some points. I loved it. It's probably not the best trail to bring your dog or pet on however. I had my 2 dogs who hike with me all the time, and though they did very well through the climbing and descent and most of the trail, they were worn out by the back 2 miles which is very arid and under the direct sunlight was extremely hot. I would like to go back in the future without them so I can do the whole trail system.

Great hike in a great park. The trip up the north prong presented wonderful views of the canyon. The trek up to the Fern Cave was fairly smooth. After a short break we continued up to the Haynes Ridge. We got a little off track here and had to free style back to the trial. The hike along Haynes Ridge was very nice with great vistas of both north and south prong. The view from Haynes Ridge Overlook is fantastic. This is where things got a little bit challenging. The hike down from the Haynes Ridge overlook is very steep with lots of loose rock. Take your time and watch your footing. All in all a great trek with rewarding surroundings. Take bug spray, the biting flies were hungry.

1 year ago

Lovely hike

Bring plenty of water but awesome hike :)

1 year ago

loved our first visit to Caprock Canyon. We did the lower trail our first time out and finished the day with lunch at the amphitheater. Enjoyed it very much and look forward to going back soon.

Hiked Eagle Point Trail, really enjoyed the hike if you start from the trail access near the little red tent campsite you'll come to a bench within a hundred yards, beneath the bench is what that park calls a natural tunnel, the trail is "the bridge", take your time and explore the area it's well worth it and very easy to miss! I took my dog on the hike, he loved it. This trail was great for the high winds for the day which we 20+ mph, a lot of the trail drops between canyon walls.

My boyfriend rode his bicycle on the wild horse trail and connected with the canyon rim trail then took the road back to where he had parked, he said it was challenging aa there is a lot of horse traffic, he also said there were some steep hills on the trails.

It was warm, about 90 degrees, take water and enjoy yourself!