We went in January. The weather was gloomy and the trail's only real issue at that time of year were the huge ant mounds. I was thankful I wore proper hiking boots, because the mud was serious, and I imagine it's only worse in summer. The trail starts out with a boardwalk, from which we were able to see a smaller, wild alligator. Apparently a lot more show their faces at different times of the year. We also decided to get out and walk a lot of the tour that is meant to be done inside your vehicle. There were a lot of great birding opportunities, if you're into that sort of thing. Wouldn't recommend for people who hike for adventure's sake, though.

2 years ago

The hiking is nothing exciting and maybe a bit scary depending on when you go. I went the first week of October 2014. It was a gorgeous day. I had a great time visiting the entire refuge. The Big Slough Trail was a bit scary. I ran across a family of wild hogs. I also encountered numerous large spider webs of huge (bigger than I've ever seen) banana spiders. I had to duck under these webs to proceed through the trail at least 5 times. Between the hogs and spiders, it was NOT a leisurely walk. Also, the trail apparently isn't a frequently traveled path as there is no "beaten path" and is more of a mowed path. They have another trail I didn't get to walk because they hadn't mowed it. The rest of the park (motor trail) is great and very interesting.