beautiful location! Not super easy which I love and there weren't very many people so it was nice and quiet. loved my time there

Decent trail. Not so great on hot sunny days. Take water for your dog if you bring one.

This hike was amazing. You don't have to pay to get into the park if you tell the kind little lady at the front gate that you are just there to hike.
The trail was rocky in some spots. The fall itself was breath taking and definitely worth the hike.

2 months ago

went with my dog and loved it ! great trails and no one around which made it peaceful

This was a really nice out and back Trail with nice variation in terrain. Nothing steep or too much elevation change. It was very rocky so pay attention to where you walk, don't trip and wear durable hike shoes to protect your feet. No water crossing except one area but it wasn't flowing when crossed. It's nice that the entire Trail is 26 miles long around the whole lake so you'll see a lot of backpackers going from one campground to the next. It's mostly shaded from the Cedar Breaks Park to the falls. Except once you get to the Crockett Falls sign directing you to turn right, it's all grown over. We opted to not go through it. But if you keep walking past that sign there's an opportunity to scramble down a short hill on your right to see the falls by the shore. Very nice!! It takes about 1hr 20min to get there from Cedar Break. Lovely hike!!

Lovely walk, rocky in places. Most people are great about leashing their dogs, though a few people still don't (seriously, people, be considerate of wildlife and people who have dogs who aren't as friendly). Free if you are hiking, just mention it at the window.

beautiful, peaceful

We only went 1.25 miles in then back, but this was a beautiful hike with some decent elevation to it. There are rocks, gravel, dirt, trees. This hike fed my soul♡ We even met people who left their boat to jump from a ~40ft cliff who gave us advice and lent us their life vests to take the plunge too!

Went bike riding great for it. I would go there again. There was an area of dirt I didn't think I would be able to resist. I have a hybrid bike so only good for road pavement.

This was a great hike! Make sure to have sturdy shoes on because the rocks can be brutal. The trail to view the falls is overgrown right now so I had to make my own but it was totally worth it. Make sure when you're entering the park to let them know that you're there to hike and you'll get in for free.

Rough on parts and pretty long. Should have gone earlier so it wasn't as hot yet.

It was a pretty hike with lots of large rocks and small rocks to negotiate. Our dog wore out so we didn't quite make it to the end. We went 5 miles. It seemed a little too much for a 3.5 year old Golden Retriever in 90 degree heat although he drank plenty of water.

Trail was great! We started at the bridge. You can either go as far as 10 + miles or 5. Park Ranger was very cool and helpful on direction of trails.

We took the kids and the dog and everyone had a great time! it was a great place to go after all the rain since it I was paved and the river was real high. can tell that it is a popular high school kid hangout when the river isn't so high.

Not a bad hike for hill country. This is about 2 miles from our house and we are just now discovering it. We went the day after a heavy rain so the ground was extremely muddy. We arrived around 5:30 PM and only made it to the 1-mile marker before we had to turn back because we didn't want to lose daylight.

I'm not sure how accurate the 1-mile marker is because when we turned back around, I started my pedometer app on my phone to calculate the distance when we got back to the trail head and it said 1.25 miles. Other than the 1-mile marker, there are no signs on the trail.

The hike we did felt a little longer than a mile, but who knows? We only saw 2 people along the way. We will be coming back to finish the hike and hopefully see the falls.

Good trail. Bring water and some good boots.

Great hike but heavy terrain. Lots of people with their dogs, good places for your dog to jump into the lake. I would definitely go back.