trail running
2 months ago

Loved it. Ran from parking at damn down huge in line to spill way. 5 miles each way. Mostly paved. Some dirt. Easy to follow except a bit in middle through a neighborhood. Saw deer. Prettiest near dam on western end.

4 months ago

Easy path. Majority paved. Started at San Gabriel park and did the Randy Morrow trail almost to Lake Georgetown. Has maps and parks along the way. Definitely in the city but saw lots of wildlife including deer.

7 months ago

Beautiful wide paved trail through tree covered walkways. Honeysuckle filling the air, wild flowers abound, very well maintained park, peaceful, not too crowded

11 months ago

Great trail for whole family.

1 year ago

Tried to head west on the trail from the Blue Hole trailhead, but a giant Cottonmouth caused us to change our plans. We headed East toward the Winfred Bonner Trail. It was okay. Mostly sidewalk next to a busy road. A few peeks of the river along the trail. The trail to San Gabriel Park was closed because the bridge was wiped out by the Memorial Day flood.

trail running
4 years ago

I've run this trail a handful of times with a double jogging stroller and it is a great workout with great scenery. The kids love the animal tracks that cross the trail, and the cliffs are beautiful. If you don't mind going "off road", it's actually 5 miles of trail and path.