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A Convergence of Ecosystems Life of all types abounds in the Big Thicket. This national preserve protects the incredible diversity of life found where multiple habitats converge in southeast Texas. Hiking trails and waterways meander through nine different ecosystems, from longleaf pine forests to cypress-lined bayous. It is a place of discovery, a place to wander and explore, a place to marvel at the richness of nature.

This trail is beautiful absolutely love. It's enclosed in the woods trees, squirrels, and all kinds of little critter. I'd recommend camping out if you can there's plenty of exploring to be had.

trail running
1 month ago

Great trail for a short hike or run. Pretty view and well maintained.

A little over grown but nice easy hike

Easy hike, enjoyable!! :)

3 months ago

Love this place it's so peaceful and beautiful well taken care of always friendly smiles when I see people

One of these days we will complete the entire trail! Looking forward to it but it is 9 miles in, so ... we have gone in as far as 5 miles, stopped for a picnic and rest and hiked back. This is enough for a day visit. On Good Friday this year we managed to go in 3 miles before the trail was flooded out. This is my favorite of the BTNP trails!

Nice, easy, well-maintained trails. The Water Oak is the prettiest IMHO. My 6 year old daughter likes to watch the deer on the trails in the morning.

Call before you go to make sure trails aren't flooded.

6 months ago

Very nice. It was a great experience hiking with my girlfriends family. We will defiantly go back.

I enjoyed this hike. It was a lovely hike through the woods and after a mile or two in, you start to walk along the creek. I didn't realize there were two sections of this until I pulled out to leave. Not sure which section I did. Both just said Turkey Creek Trail. Would like to go back and do the other section.

on Kirby Nature Trail

7 months ago

It was a long loop for a beginner, but it's not a hard trail to walk. There were benches along the path and beautiful places by the creek and slough where you could sit, rest, and snack.

Nice easy hike with 4-year-old daughter.

My husband and I walked the trail yesterday and it was nice! Saw a lot of pitcher plants toward the end of our hike.

I took the top-most portion of this trail for a medium-length day hike down to the Pitcher Plant Trail loop about 2.9 miles down from the trailhead. The walk was lovely and interesting, with more open, grassy stretches in the beginning and wooded walkways of over-arching canopies along the way. A few small dried-up creek passages would be picturesque in higher water seasons.

Some of the wooded clearings just before the trail follows the dirt road make the trail tricky to follow. The pitcher plants are a unique, delightful find if you take that short detour (I recommend it!). The weather was great in early October and the bugs cooperated for the most part. Will come back to do the whole trail, perhaps starting at the alternate trailhead for the connected Pitcher Plant Trail or to backpack/camp the whole enchilada.

Great, well-marked and scenic trail. The foliage was lovely even in the hot September heat, with lots of downed trees around the path.

Beautiful, engaging trail. Very maintained and marked with informative signs about the various tree types. The cypress trees are gorgeous. A very wide and well-traveled path better suited for those looking for a family stroll rather than a strenuous hike.

1 year ago

Enjoyed this trail. I never saw anyone else. We were the only ones there. The trails are pretty easy to follow. The benches spread throughout the trail have the map on it to let you know where you are. Also there are maps at the trailhead. There were a lot of downed trees covering the trail so I had to hike around them quite a few times. The mosquitos about ate us alive. Would probably go back if in the area when it's cooler with less bugs. You couldn't even stop to rest and they were covering you even with bug spray on. Saw some wild hogs that my dog gave chase to and about scared me to death. Would definitely go back for the solitude.

1 year ago

Really nice, well marked trail. The mosquitos about ate us alive though! Would like to do it again in cooler weather. The bamboo gives this trail a kind of creepy feeling. Really liked it.

Awesomely maintained trails. But if it rains a lot some trails will flood and become impassable. Other than the sometime flooded trails, all are well shaded and great for hikes or bikes.

I chose this trail because it is Thanksgiving Day. What a beautiful trail with the walking bridges and large trees and trees that may canopies. Plenty of bird life and fun to watch. As I brought my walking buddy, Hunter, he had plenty of water to drink from the mini creeks. About 2 miles in, I saw an opening and it ended up being the perfect place for my snack or picnic, if you choose. It was right on the water, obviously this was Turkey Creek. Its width is about 30 or so feet across with slow moving water. The water was fairly clear, and this ran parallel along the trail for a little bit. I only rate this a 4 as the ending was not really an ending. I came to a dirt road, and saw a sign with the word "trail," and an arrow, but I just ended up walking down a dirt road, to another dirt road and no way was it heading back to my car. I backtracked the original trail and ended up walking about 7 miles. No big deal as there wasn't any elevation and the hard pack ground made navigation easy. I recommend this for an individual, families and bike riders with mountain or hybrid tires. I will walk this one again, only next time, I will find out where it truly ends first.