trail running
21 days ago

Small area, short trail but still managed to get 5 miles out of running every path and trail in the park. the little waterfall area is nice also.

very well maintained, also has available camping and eating/party areas.

Quick hike to finish checking out the Berry Creek and Nature trails. Well worth the visit for these alone...or to add some distance (and views) to the main trails.

Decent 'beginner' trail. Perfect for a Sunday morning walkabout. I highly recommend taking the small trail under I35 and enjoying the more 'rustic' trails/views (not to say that the path along the fields was bad). Also, there are quite a few geocaches in the area.

This is a nice and easy trail that feels miles from town even though it is not.

8 months ago

sidewalks good for a stroll not a hike.

9 months ago

Loved the beautiful scenery! It was a nice concrete path, easy for strollers, and had different trails you could take that all end up back in the same place. I loved the water in different areas and the berry spring at the end. Nice playground for kids and you can fish in the ponds but must return the fish after you catch them. Will definitely be going back!

Sort of pretty, not very crowded. Less exciting than nearby parks.

1 year ago

Easy walk :) We went all the way to the underpass at I35 because we weren't sure what trail was what. But it was fine. Nice park area, with super clean bathrooms, which are always a plus!