Pretty muddy today, but beautiful views. Wasn't too crowded & everyone was very friendly.

A little muddy after the recent rains, but a great hike overall.

Good hike and swim!

Tons of shade, nice little workout and plenty of swimming spots.

a lovely, relatively easy hiking trail. the first Mike and a half gets pretty packed though.

Great hike and very challenging in sections. Falls were awesome and the kids loved it!

Great hike and though we didn't make it to the falls, it was still beautiful.

Beautiful hike an you can take a nice swim in the river, the falls are very nice and people are very friendly.

I love this place! Great place to swim and great place to hike.❤️

Beutiful and fun.

hot day. good hike

We drove to Scottish Woods Trail off of 360, and entered there.
Hiked about a mile down until the third waterfalls and it was great! It's starts getting quite packed around noon so try and go in early. The water was perfect & the trail was pretty easy. Going back up the hike is a little rough especially under the heat so definitely bring water

Does anyone know how I can enter this trail?