It's alright.

Great trail in the middle of the city. Life Hill is a great challenge at the turnaround point.

The hill of life is a character building opportunity, but well worth it to see the nice views along the creek. The falls are especially scenic. Not quite as challenging as River Bend, but walking up the hill took the wind of of this big guys sails.

The one negative is there are simply too many dogs of their leashes which is against the rules anyway.

Great morning of exploring and hiking. loved it!!

trail running
2 months ago

Great trail right out of zilker park. The surface is varied. Large parts of it are too rough to run, but when it's smooth it's fantastic. Great trees. Pretty water. Cliffs with rock climbers. So convenient to downtown Austin. Nice break from trails around town lake. We like loose dogs.

good up and downs, need good sturdy hiking shoes for traversing rocks

Awesome trail, feel very happy seen from the city hustle and bustle. Our dogs love it, Great swimming holes along the way

Water along the trail is a big plus.

Gorgeous views, waterfalls.

Awesome trail! Every 5 minutes there was something new to look at! Beautiful scenery and lots of places to stop and cool off in the water!

Really fun trail. We did it while it was raining and the trees offered a lot of cover from the weather. Went off the trail into the creek area and encountered a water snake--it was large. I recommend staying on the paths. Great trail though

Been here twice! Good distance for hiking! The river is awesome!

This was a really fun trail. Not too difficult but very rocky in some parts so make sure to have good shoes with moderate support. You pass lots of good places where you can get into the water and there are a few places where you can climb around on rocks. I also really enjoyed walking in the parts on the creek that were dry. We saw a couple of snakes and lizards but they were the harmless kind so they were fun to see. The only negative comment I have about this trail is about the loop at the end. I would just skip it next time; the trail get very thin and the brush is tall and you can't avoid touching it. The view through the loop isn't very nice either. Amazing trail though!

Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤

First actual hike. Went with a group. we had a blast. just have to watch out for the cyclists and runners.

rails trails
6 months ago

beautiful trail, hard to follow at times especially with crossing of river beds without clear signs

would however hike again, is a great trail!