26 days ago

So happy to finally get out there. Grateful for these trails.

This trail has some nice, peaceful scenery and connects to two other trails for a possible 6 mile hike. It's a nice little hike. Light traffic.

The hiking trail is fenced off at the trail head due to construction.

got there hoping for a calm hike with not to many people and all the trails were roped off

This was a great easy-moderate hike for me and my pup! We will definitely be back!

Not a moderate hike. Would be a good trail run though.

Pretty easy terrain. A little muddy in some spots. Not to challenging, but a fun walk and not very populated.

trail running
3 months ago

Great!!!! Great workout.

Beautiful creek, wild life (saw squirrels, birds, lizards, fish and deer). The paths are easy to follow and there's not many people there. It's peaceful and quiet. Spent a few hours there, it's worth a visit.

trail running
4 months ago

Peaceful and relatively quiet trail just north of Nashville. A work day unwind favorite.

Nice trail. Hiked with my wife and our 5 kids ages 10, 8, 5, and 3 (twins). Saw no one else. Lots of rocks and roots were obstacles for the littlest ones, and after about an hour of carrying my daughter my barefoot trail Merrells were feeling like the wrong shoes. Nice open woodland; not very strenuous but able to work up a sweat. Enjoyed it but next time I'll wear my old Vasque Sundowners.

Great workout for my present condition -- moderately challenging but not too strenuous. A good family experience for us.

great trail, not super busy, elevation changes can be challenging but not bad. A lot of water access which is really cool.

9 months ago

Poorly marked and overly muddy. Kind of a let down:(

Close. Easy. Beautiful afternoon stoll

A refreshing walk through the woods- it was a short steady walk, perfect for our dog!