South Cumberland is one of the newer Tennessee State Parks. Almost all of our park lies atop the Cumberland Plateau and, unlike most state parks, ours is made up of ten different areas located in four different counties. The Visitor Center is located between Monteagle and Tracy City on Highway 41. From here the various components of our park are managed. Visitors can also obtain information and directions from the visitor center.

13 days ago

15 days ago

Quick hike, breathtaking views!

We've had a very dry summer so on the early sept day I went there was no fall. Just the same, a beautiful area an dI will return when the water is up. Makes for a cool swimming hole either way.

1 month ago

Breathtaking scenery!!

The falls here are AWESOME!!! Don't overlook it because it is so short, you will seriously miss out!!! My wife and I swam in the falls for several hours. The water is super clean and fresh, the scenery is stunning, the people were awesome, and besides all that, if you want to make the hiking longer, there are several trails that can stretch it all the way out to a 26 mile out and back if that is your fancy. DON"T MISS IT!!!

great trail runs into others so you can make a good hike out of it

2 months ago

The ONLY reason I didn't give this 5 stars was because I personally like trails with water better. The views from the overlooks were amazing. It was everything that I thought it would be. The "stone door" is really cool but unless you are going to take another trail or just feel like going down the stairs, I wouldn't recommend it. My friend and I went town the stone stairs anticipating something awesome at the bottom, only to fine more stairs. We caught a couple comping up and we asked what was down there and they told us 9/10ths of a mike down more stairs, there was another trail. We did Laurel falls behind the ranger station too, and we were a little disappointed since the falls were barely flowing.

I will definitely do this trail again in the fall!!

Beautiful, it was stunning and I felt like I could sit there for hours and just take it in. I felt like I was sitting on top of the world.

3 months ago

water was great.

3 months ago

It was great. I did the complete rim hike. Sawmill is an area that is dry. the spring I could not find. But I did walk up the creek bed and found where the Collins drops into the underground creek.

Great and easy hike. Great views.

This is a very short and steep trail. When we went it was so hot and muggy that you could feel the cool air while hiking down. Everything is beautiful here.

4 months ago

Beautiful scenery and fairly easy hike to the falls. You have to be very careful of your footing because of the roots and rocks. The falls were gorgeous and the water was clear and cool, perfect for a swim after a hike. The hike back out of the gorge is tiring because of the steepness and the rocks but is beautiful the whole way.

Super easy trail with an amazing view!