I love bringing the dog down here. Once you get off the main path, which is very busy, and onto the primitive trails it's really peaceful.

Check out the Ecology and Riverview primitive trails, great to introduce young children to hiking. Not to mention foraging wild blackberries in summer! Easy hike but very enjoyable because of its location right close to downtown.

I don't really prefer walking on concrete or paved trails.

Nice mix of sun and shade, plenty of places to stop and rest and people watch.

Great go during the week to avoid crowds.

trail running
1 year ago

Great for walking, running, cycling. Very family friendly.

1 year ago

love it

1 year ago

My go to for greenway riding

As K.D. said, take the grass and dirt paths around the park and you will be rewarded. Currently, on a great side track called Ecology Trail (or Loop), you can walk along a sea of wildflowers. I posted a photo.

Its definitely a Nashville jewel.