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The absolutely best maintained trail within 100 miles of Chattanooga. The trail is always clear with wide well marked signs everywhere. Its like I was atop Lookout Mtn there are almost as many directional signs as there are Rock City / Ruby Falls signs on Lookout. If you been there you copy
And there's a waterfall and a gulch bluff on the Day Loop. Legend has it that if you follow the creek to where it disapears into the ground and follow the dry creek bed till the water pops out of the earth you come upon a bluehole with a subteranian cave with a cavern.

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did this gem today the falls were roaring. great hike easy and level most of the way. highly recommend

I took the BCG trail to Alum Gap and spent the night, taking the BCR back to the ranger station. Due to the recent rainfall the Big Creek water level has risen significantly causing Ranger Falls to be inaccessible. On the plus side the water falls are going full force. Really beautiful. For an experienced hiker I'd say this hike is more on the moderate side rather than difficult. This trail is also doable for dogs, my shepherd had a blast. We'll be back in the summer!

Water fall was amazing and the hike was not too bad even with my 3 children.

Great waterfalls and not too difficult of a hike. Worth the time!

Super rad waterfall.

Gorgeous views ! So peaceful and the views are just breathtaking

Since you stay up on the ridge this is a great Trail run with wonderful views. Just don't expect any really big tree on the side loop. lol

Great trail run but if you have the time, some river crossings can be difficult if there has been heavy rain. Clockwise is my recommendation. note Stage couch section will test your ankles

beautiful! has a spiral metal stair case to lower falls. not good for dog. others great though!

water flow is amazing today so much to see out here absolutely beautiful. trail is a bit slippery but worth the treck

This is an aggressive trail for a day trip. I decided to go clockwise to avoid having to climb out the stone door with weary legs. The trail is difficult in the fall with the leaves down on top of unstable rocks. Despite extreme drought conditions, I was pleased to see Ranger Falls still flowing! The Rim trail is relatively flat with a incredible overlooks from time to time. There's a lot of loose rocks on the Gulf trail. All trails are marked relatively well with placards and junctions have clear signage. Total trip was 9.8 miles with a jaunt to Ranger Falls mixed in.