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2 days ago

Well maintained trails and easy hike. The Falls were all dry this time. Very peaceful and beautiful.

8 days ago

Dry waterfall - Savage Fall

Great views from the overlooks. All creeks and waterfalls were dry.

1 month ago

Plan to hike this trail again tomorrow. Great day hike. I would rate as moderate due to terrain. It's easy as long as you take note of the ground below your feet.

1 month ago

Great trail. I would rate it more medium than easy. Lots of hiking up and down hills, and stepping over tree roots and rocks. Mostly wooded. Only a couple glimpses of an overlook.

It's right there so you might as well take 10 min to see it. It was barely a trickle when I went though.

We took the gulf trail to alum campground and laurel back to the parking lot. The views from the rim are great and being able to cool off in the river after the descent was amazing. Campground 4,5, and (partially) 6 at alum campground sit on the edge of a bluff and have the best views. I wish we had taken the rim trail back rather than laurel since the latter was just an easy walk in the woods with no views or major topo changes.

Stagecoach road trail SUCKS. Something like 1.6 miles down a pretty decent slope and the trail is littered with baseball-size and larger LOOSE rocks. We were lucky not to break an ankle on this trail. They should rename this trail the "Pecan Deathmarch." It was much more difficult hiking it downhill than uphill. Despite its difficulty (which, to AllTrails' credit, it's marked as "difficult") there's not really much to see.

2 months ago

Great easy mostly level hike, pretty surroundings, great view at bluff, waterfall you can splash at. Loved all the suspended bridges, great for dog. Enjoyed it very much. I had only wished it was a longer with other views without taking on North Rim.