This is a nice trail. Most of it is wooded. The views from the balds are great.

so we weren't able to hike here if you use the directions in the app it takes you down a small gravel road where people live off. there are no trespassing signs everywhere and signs that towing is inforced. We didn't want to take the risk of going on a beautiful hike and having our car towed at end of it.

Great hike. Camped on top of the bald for an incredible sunrise.

We did this hike 9-10-16 with two kids, 11&8 -great hike! Everyone loved it. There were lots of cars at the picnic area but almost no one on the trail. The waterfall is lovely and would have been even better if it hadn't been so dry lately. Two members of our party got stung by yellow jackets on the way down, there was a ground nest on trail. The kids wished we had brought a change of clothes or swimming suit, since there is a neat place you can swim near the picnic area. I'd come again in the spring, there was evidence that there would be nice wildflowers.

A bit steep, but not a long hike. The main falls is the only one really worth going to. The others you can only see from the trail looking down. You have to go down a very steep, slippery section to get to the bottom of the main falls which I would not reccomend for kids or dogs. It was nice that we were the only people there which made for some relaxing hammocking at the base of the falls!

Hiked to big bald and it was challenging but very worth it! 2 miles in is the first opening to see the mountain views. Big bald is 6.5 miles from the start. Well worth it. Took about 6 hours to hike in and back out.

4 months ago

Definitely worth it, the road getting to the trailhead is a bit sketchy, keep following it until the end and you will see a gate where the trail starts. We almost turned around before we got to the trailhead.

it was a tough little hike, in order to get close to the falls it would be an extreme hike. Staying on the trail gives you some good views but you don't really get close to it.

5 months ago

Amazing. One of my new favorite hikes for this area. Less than a mile in from the trail head there a very steep side trail shooting off to the right that takes you down to the bottom of the first big waterfall you come to. I highly recommend climbing down to it and getting under that power of that water. Pretty strong water for not being too tall of a fall. Water today was about 65°. I recommend bringing sandals for waking thru the water. We never made it all the way to the lake but this section of wooded mountain spoke volumes to us. And that water! Always got to get in that water. Easy to access that first waterfall but the rest of the hike was a good moderate challenge. Will have to try a different path at the main crossroads near the top next time.

A very enjoyable hike, was nice that they have extended the road up, to get past the "NO PARKING" signs.

7 months ago

It was a very short hike but it was very enjoyable. There are a couple of,places that you have to cross the creek; depending on rain levels they may be crossable or wet. There are several small waterfalls and a very nice large waterfall closer to the top.

9 months ago

This is a great trail that's friendly enough for any type of hiker. The elevation gain was only 689ft within the total 2.6 mile hike to an area past the falls and back. If you keep following the trail you will eventually end up at the lake at Rocky Fork State Park known as Hidden Lake and Birchfield Lake.

From the parking lot stay to the trail on the left of the stream and follow the road. Eventually you will see a blue gate and that's when you know you're on the correct trail. Looks like they have been doing some dozing work for maybe more parking or a campground.

11 months ago

This one gets the award for most creek crossings in 2 miles. More moderate as it is mostly uphill to the destination and the footing can be a little rocky in places. Overall a nice hike with lots of green even in the winter. Has a rain-forest feel to it. Mosses, ferns and water everywhere. The waterfall at the end isn't huge but it is pretty. The creek has multiple cascades along the way up.

Great hike, completed it in 5-6 hours. Awesome views of big bald halfway through. Can be strenuous at times but its fairly even up hill/down hill. High rocks is a great site to see to close to spivy gap.

1 year ago

enjoyed the hike. it was really beautiful! this more moderate than easy, but the climb up is worth the effort.

1 year ago

A nice hike with a lot of fun stream crossings. The waterfall at the end is beautiful. My best friend and I saw so many different types of cool mushrooms,flowers, a feisty 12" snake, cute toad, and there was a momma bear with 2 cubs that scattered when the people in front of us startled them. It was a fun afternoon adventure. :)