The scenic beauty of this wooded park is dominated by the Great Falls of the Caney Fork River - an imposing limestone gorge (called a gulf in southern culture). It provides scenic overlooks, waterfalls and deep pools for fishing, rock-hopping and exploring. Located at the confluence of the Collins and Caney Fork Rivers, this 883-acre park has a natural sand beach on Center Hill Resevoir. Historic features of the park include a 19th century textile mill and one of Tennessee's early hydroelectric plants

Rock Island is beautiful! The water was cold and refreshing! We went as a family and really enjoyed it. It was busy, which I didn't mind, but the litter was out of control! IF YOU TAKE IT IN, TAKE IT OUT!!!!

easy very peaceful way to spend a Sunday morning

Beautiful waterfalls and scenery. Rocks in the gorge can be a bit tricky but worth the hike. LOVED it.

on Eagle Trail

1 month ago

Great water falls. First you should stop and ask questions before going into these trails. Twin falls is close to the parking lot but you can hike the small trail next to it called downstream trail that has a great view at the Falls and river and the Little falls. Enjoy.

Awesome views for such a short distance! Beautiful falls!

Breathtaking falls (though they don't occur naturally). Lovely surroundings and trails add to the experience.

Easy but beautiful.

This was a beautiful area to walk in. There are more falls in this area than anywhere else I have ever seen.

Huge gorgeous waterfall!

My daughter, friend, dog and I did this hike today. Had a great time. My little 17lb dog was done by the time we finished. We had a nice piknick in the cave at the little falls.

Absolutely breath taking views. trails were well maintained. tons of really cool plants and insects to see along the hike. not terribly strenuous but definitely will get the heart rate up. would have loved to be able to find how to get to the other side with the falls. but still beautiful view from across the river.

One of the best places I've ever got the chance to explore.