trail running


Great trail with multiple beautiful overlooks of the river!

Absolutely beautiful!!!!

1 month ago

Parked at Cumberland trail parking lot. Trail head is accross the street. once at the indian rock village .7 miles away, go towards the right. Its not marked but that is the continuation of Snoopers trail. Great moderate trail. Well marked once on the trail. No water features as of mid october so mostly trees with autumn colors. Acouple of viewing spots along the way. Good place to meditate. Light traffic on a friday. There is hunting allowed so be weary of the dates. Not sure if hiking and hunting are allowed at the same time.

Snoopers rock has a panoramic view that is a must see. Great for nature walking, bring your dogs, pack a lunch bc you will want to hangout for awhile. Be very careful and watchful if you bring your little kids.
Thank you Chattanooga, TN.

Great 10 mile loop with rock formations. Indian rockhouse is titanic of rock formations. Snoopers and Mullens cove both have panoramic views. Make sure you look at the trees for white blazes or you'll find yourself on a side trail.
Thank you Chattanooga, TN.

Great wilderness view on the back side and awesome scenic view on the front side!

There was one good view a half mile into the hike. Back tracked down on the trail. Not too much to see but we also did not do the full hike toward the waterfall. However, there was no running water on the trail where it looked to be one. Trail seem to not be as popular, little over grown. Also, found a total of 5 ticks on us after the 1-2 hour hike.

3 months ago

Beautiful scenery with a breathtaking view

Trail is not well marked. Side trails have same white blaze as Mullins. Not helpful. Views r beautiful. No snakes.

3 months ago

Little bit of a drive down the gravel road in prentice cooper park but a short walk down road to trail head which wasn't hard and a good view.

There are rattlesnakes EVERYWHERE on this trail so be on the lookout!! Especially with dogs! I had a close encounter with my dog when I went on 08/11/2016. Spotted it before Snoopers Rock. Turned around and hiked back out to find another snake in the trail as well. Probably a great hike, but won't be returning due to the safety of me and my dog.
Side note, Indian Rockhouse was pretty cool!

pretty hard hike. comes to a point that is NOT well marked and is a pain to find the way. my suggestion would be to park in the parking area and walk across the street. go to snoopers rock and back. the rest is not worth it.

This was a beautiful hike! Trails were groomed and well marked. We did end up doing the whole loop, but for future hikers or even advise to ourselves, is to park at the trail head and walk to the Indian house, then to snoopers point and turn around and head back. If your ambitious, keep going across the road to Mullens point and then turn back and hit either the road or follow the trail back, the ladder half of the trail is not worth it to be honest. The front half of the trail was though, the views were incredible! Would recommend that to anybody.

Great Hike on awesome day. Out and back to snoopers w Hannah!! Great view!