Haven't done the upper view trail yet, forgot what its called.

Probably our favorite trail in Tennessee! It is short, but the history of the park is fantastic. Easy to follow and dog friendly!!

LOVE this trail! It is one of my favorites. It's really short, so that is the only downfall for me, but everything else is great. Trail is well marked and easy to hike. Great views!!

1 month ago

Nice easy hike, beautiful views at the top. My only concern was several dogs not on leashes, however I think all belonged to the same family. Otherwise, very nice park and very clean. Plan to go back and take the kids and hopefully kayak.

Decided to go hiking, was a busy day here (labor day) and I spoke with a park ranger on where to go and park seeing it was my first time here. walking back to my truck after hiking 3 hours here it is coming at me on the back of a tow truck! I did not park anywhere no one else was or blocking traffic plus was directed by a park ranger! Well $200 to get my truck from the tow truck and was specifically told everyone else got tickets but you got towed because you had out of state plates, Well guess what I have lived here in Tennessee for a year and half and pay taxes here. A $200 towing bill at a state park are you kidding me? I have been to 3 different state parks here in Tennessee and never had a problem. Do not go here, they are obviously Money hungry to make money off of you at a state park we pay for with our taxes! Also what would I have done if I didn't see the tow truck leaving the park?! My wallet and phone are in the truck?! I also had two women, a child and my dogs with us. This park should be ashamed! Fun Goers beware and go elsewhere!

Great views but very short

Great views, easy hike

Such a beautiful hike. Enjoyed the day, bummed we couldn't swim in the waterfall but it was still beautiful!

Amazing view from the cliff! Great hike. It's worth a visit

Great area for light hiking. Beautiful view from top of bluff . Be Careful if hiking with small children as there are no guard rails on way up or at the top. The tunnel hike is easy as well & great for kids. Fun day with the family & dog! Bring food & water as there is nothing near by.

Easy trail with great views from the bluff overlook. A little crowded with people, but worth the hike. I found the trail easy to locate and follow. Enter the trail left of the picnic tables and follow under the bridge until it splits. One (left) goes up to the bluff overlook and the other (right) continues to Montgomery Bell tunnel. Everything was marked with signs. I took my 5 and 9 year old daughters and two dogs. A bit narrow and you have to be careful at the bluff with kids, but overall an easy trek.

Great trail, but difficult to locate at first. Hike was pretty easy and the views from the bluff were breathtaking.

This trailhead has at least three trails with no maps available or markers. Beautiful views and trails but difficult to stay on a path. We were particularly unsure about the tunnel trail because it seemed to end but there might have been more trail on the other side of the pond/waterfall. We just couldn't find a way across.

Hard to find but a great bluff view! We went early in the morning and got an amazing view of the sunrise! Highly recommend this trail!

Me and my girlfriend went and watched the sun rise and it was beautiful

Great hiking experience with my two kids. The kids love the waterfall and the hole in the mountain that you can see from both sides. Spent several hours exploring and taking in an amazing park! Easy trails, but be careful on the bluffs. Narrow and extremely high. Kids loved it!