Montgomery Bell State Park is located seven miles east of Dickson in Dickson County. The rolling hills of Dickson County contain a treasure that was considered more precious than gold to the builders of young America. The treasure was iron ore, and it lured men by the hundreds to this area of Middle Tennessee. The site of the first Cumberland Presbyterian Church is located at Montgomery Bell State Park. The iron industry in Dickson County has been long silent, but the 3,782 acres that make up Montgomery Bell State Resort Park still show the signs of its presence. Near the remains of the Old Laurel Furnace, ore pits, where men once scratched iron ore from the earth, lie quiet and abandoned; the hardwood forest, once heavily cut to clear farmland and to produce charcoal for the iron furnaces, has slowly healed its wounds. Fox, squirrel, raccoon, opossum, deer and a wide variety of birds and wildflowers have returned to the forest, making Montgomery Bell a place of quiet natural beauty.

Short but easy trail. Nice scenery along the lakeside with leaves changing. Cuts the 10.5 mile mbell loop nearly in half, so if pressed for time u can use as shortcut. Park down by the park storage area if u plan to do so.

More challenging than expected for middle TN-and much enjoyed. Relatively few people on the trail, leaves are changing. Lots of leaves on the trail covering significant number of roots and rocks- fine to walk it but wouldn't recommend trying to jog this time of year. Overall very pleased.

We had an absolute blast today- myself, my 17 and 14 yr old. We did the entire 10.5 with our small dog in one day and rocked it! We are not super fit but we are super stubborn and we refused to quit..... just enough hills to give us a good workout but not hard. Scenery was beautiful and the trail was well marked. I got confused for a sec and called the park office and they quickly got a park ranger to call me back and tell me what to do.... FYI, the super cool bridge that is falling apart, that's not part of the trail. We will definitely be back!

20 days ago

This is my favorite day hike! I did the MB 10.5 mile trail in 5 hours which includes about a 20 minute stop for lunch at the Woodland shelter. The trail is a bit harder than moderate. Very rocky with lots of roots. Almost felt like hiking a mountain bike trail. Several crossings over shallow streams so take extra dry socks in case your boots/shoes are not water resistant.

1 month ago

My dog and I love this place. Lots of shorter trails if you are not up to the 10 miles. Beautiful scenery and lots of natural water sources. Hall springs is a favorite!

fairly difficult trail, but beautiful!

This is a beautiful hike, lots of small water crossings, easy terrain and very secluded. There is a couple of places along with way that are not clearly marked and we ended up adding an additional mile to our trip but I'm not complaining, it was still beautiful.

3 months ago

Great hike but the whole trail is not for the faint hearted. There are several shorter trails though.

Actually, I only did the south part of the loop and returned to the trailhead following Creech Hollow Trail. Moderate hike with constant but not hard inclines. It was beautiful and we encountered only a few people.

wonderful, just remember to watch out for snakes when walking through water.


Nice day hike with some beautiful lake views. Easy-moderate with a few moderate climbs. Enjoyable day hike. With the shelters, this could easily serve as a training shakedown hike for potential longer trips.

It was a great long hike!