Great trail with a lot of variation. Tons of places that you could stop and take a swim. I went during the winter (January) but it was still beautiful as a lot of the trees are conifer. A lot of pretty moss growing on these trees that have to be hundreds of years old, and tons of pretty river views. Make sure to take the extra mile to see Sycamore Falls! Bring some good shoes because though it's not
difficult there are a lot of big rocks and I could see beginners having some trouble.

1 month ago

Easy in parts hard in others. It is worth a weekend get away.

I volunteered for a marathon out here. The trail is still off limits to the public, as it is privately owned. You can still get to Ravens Point via Dog Hole Trail

Nice hike, the Dog Hole trail is easier to walk on than all the rocks by the riverbank.

Hiked ravenwood loop 11/5. Wonderful hike. Not crowded at all and scenery the entire way gorgeous. Loved!!

Closed at ravens point due to fire so no thru hiking today

We didn't hike the whole 17 miles but we did stop at a few overlooks and it was spectacular! We want to go back when the leaves are at their prime fall colors.

difficult but worth every step to Ravens Point

3 months ago

Great views, decent climbs!

I agree with reviews of it's beauty but think the level should be more of mild moderate than easy due to narrow rocky parts

on Fiery Gizzard Trail

4 months ago

One of my favorite hikes so far. The hike itself doesn't provide a hardcore elevation change like some mountain hikers might be used to, but don't let that fool you. I'm a pretty experienced mountain hiker and I'd rate this hike as pretty strenuous.

The trail itself beginning at the Tracy City side starts out pretty rocky with minor ups and downs. Once you get out near Raven's Point you hike out of the canyon and that's where you'll get your elevation change.

Very beautiful, very scenic, very fun. I want to return again when we're in less of a drought.

Amazing. I could not recommend this highly enough. Being from Nashville, this is the closest there and back in one day hike that really does it for me. I usually do the first half of Fiery Gizzard and loop back on the Dog Hole trail, which makes it a gorgeous and challenging, 10 mile, 5-6 hour day hike.

4 months ago

No shortage of beauty on this loop. Very fulfilling hike with all of the swimming holes and constant sounds of the stream. Was a blast watching people jump from the falls into the aqua blue water. This is a must see trail for those looking for a short but gratifying hike!