Very nice nature park near the Volkswagen plant with many well kept trails for hiking and mountain bike riding. Only modest elevation gains and unfortunately no real vistas (at least not while leaves are out). Well marked with maps readily available.

love to trail run here!

2 months ago

This would be a GREAT spot to bring the bikes but as for hiking, it got a bit bland. They actually have chained up bike tools and air you can use.
They also have wooden kiosks for you to get a trail maps at and these CREEPY vaults all over the place, which were awesome! I went up to the hidden lake, but was expecting a bit more than I got. The water was kinda gross. For as developed as it is, they should have water fountains at the several restrooms, but other than that I will give this a solid OK for hikers.

road biking
3 months ago

Trail is a gradual incline. No bad for beginners.