There's a lot to do and see at Edgar Evins State Park! Enjoy a picnic lunch at one of our shaded picnic areas, come for a visit during one of our annual events, hike some of the parks approximately 11 miles of trails, fish beautiful Center Hill Lake or go for a swim. Interpretative programs for all ages are scheduled during the summer months. Subjects range from local history to flora and fauna. Special programs are also provided upon request.

Very challenging but rewarding trail. Had the entire trail to myself.

The trail is a good workout and offers plenty of opportunities for wildlife to be spotted. The views in the summer aren't that spectacular mostly because the trees block the view. However, I can definitely see how there would be awesome views so I will be making a return visit come this fall/early winter.

Amazing trail, just don't underestimate it. Our plan was to come out and swim all afternoon, but that turned into just an hour of swimming due to running out of daylight. This place really is a hidden gem, and the only downside to that is parts of the trail are severely overgrown and ticks are EVERWHERE, so check yourself routinely. All else aside, definitely check this place out. I'll be coming back for more hiking and swimming during the summer as well as winter hiking for the amazing views. There are also some forest giants here you'll want to see.

Amazing views - they have definitely improved on marking the trails. BUT, with that being said, bring a map! My fiance and I went to go hike a couple miles and ended up hiking 10. The view was totally worth it.

Observation tower gives a good view of the Center hill dam. There is also a good 2 mile trail that leaves and comes back to the visitor center. We even walked out off trail on a couple of islands in the park.

10 months ago

Only hiked the Millennium Loop Trail and it was a great hike. Plan to go back soon to complete the ridge loop as well. Definitely enjoyed the warm yet windy January day. There were quite a few fellow hikers on this trail today.

hiked in the day after 8 inch snowfall this January. All virgin snow and a access parking lot that was plowed. Great job maintenance department! Thanks! What a great winter hike. I had the trail to myself as no one else ventured out on this day due to the road conditions. Views of the lake are gorgeous. Spring maintenance will be needed as several trees have fallen onto the trail. Merritt Ridge Trail after a snowfall will challenge you but its worth it!

Great day! Good trail. We'll be back.

1 year ago

Was not marked very well when you get into the loop. Make sure you can handle long trails.

The full loop is pretty strenuous but it's worth it. Not really any mountain views but there's some very good views of center hill lake.

I usually kayak on this trip but hiked this weekend. Beautiful ferns on the Highland Rim. The Millennium was pretty easy hike and the connector to the Merrit was a pretty hike along the ridge.
If you are in the area stop by Big Rock Market/Caney Fork Outdoors for lunch and a kayak shuttle on the Caney.

The John C. Clayborn Millennium Trail is a great spot to spend a few hours outdoors. The trail is strenuous at times as you climb bluffs surrounding Center Hill Lake. With the occasional view of the lake and lake breeze, it makes it a great summer hike, there are even a few spots you could walk down to the lake and jump in if you wanted. The trail is marked fairly well, but there is a few little spurs that come off the main trail that get a little confusing. Parts of the trail were very overgrown, but because the trail isn't super busy, you almost feel like your the first person to ever walk through this area. Worth checking out for sure. The views of the lake might be more prevalent in the winter months, but you'll miss out on the thick greenery this trail provides. Enjoy!

Also, here is link that shows trails

Great trails and neat observation tower with awesome view!

Decently challenging day hike. Had a bit of elevation change and the lake looked pretty in the fall!