Nice trail right off Natchez Trace not far from Fall Hollow Falls. Actually helped build this trail several years ago.

Nice day hike. And even the dog liked it.

Awesome hike with lots of scenery!!

4 months ago

Took the family it was a great hike. A little heavy on the bug in the summer.

7 months ago

Nice short hike with some decent inclines. A couple of cool little waterfalls at the bottom. A really sweet yellow and black millipede walking along the trail. Not a lot of frills, just a good clean and primitive hike.

Rocky, thorn pants lining the trail. We found ticks on ourselves and our dogs after the trip. Won't be visiting this one again. Great for someone who just wants to look at nature and isn't bothered by the negatives. No waterfall on the trail. You have to go to the falls overlook, different entry point

Beautiful trail, but was expecting to see a waterfall. There was a tumbling creek halfway that was very serene

9 months ago

This trail was great exercise! It worked my legs with the uphill & downhill paths. Yet, it was easy enough for our 7 children to get through. We were so excited to find the creek with water tumbling over rocks & teensy swimming holes at the end. My children had the whole area to themselves. They did not want to leave!

I'm just starting to hike as a hobby. I have done this trail 3 times in the past 5 weeks. It has a good terrain change to make it challenging and when the trail gets to the bottom of the hollow it is a perfect rest stop by the stream. The first two times I visited, I was the only person there. The second time I saw hoof prints where someone had been riding the trail on horseback. The last time, though, I ran into several other hikers, even "rescuing" a family that got off the trail and could not find it. I had also wandered off the trail by accident, but was aware of it and they followed me back to the last marked tree I could recall seeing. Yay me! So, to summarize: good trail, nice babbling brook at the bottom, not too many other visitors.

Not a lot of water but still a decent hike

The creek was a wonderful find! The terrain was great and varied. When we got there, we were the only people there, which was great. The dogs had a great hike and they loved being able to stop and lay in the creek in the middle of our hike. But I wouldn't say there were "waterfalls" on this trail, just places where the creek tumbles over some small rocks, but the sounds were wonderful!

Nice trail but there have been a lot of trees blown down lately, many across the trail. One was particularly difficult to navigate due to all the briars. Enjoyed the walk along the creek, water was crystal clear. Make sure to check you and the dogs for ticks post hike.

I hiked this trail a few years back and absolutely loved it. I am planning to hike it again soon. It is close to my home location. A short drive. Love the woods. The loop is not that hard and the serenity of the hike makes it very pleasant and peaceful. Will take photo's on my next hike there coming up within the next month.

This is a nice little trail which is easy enough for even small children. There are no strenuous areas.

Pretty Trail. My little guys (5 and 7) got a little tired, but ended up doing fine. Nice 3 mile loop off the Natchez Trace!

Really enjoy this trail. It's very peaceful and quiet.