short but enjoyable hike. if you're feeling adventurous you can climb up the right side of the falls up the hill. me andy brother got pretty close to the top of the ridge before deciding to head back down. just be weary on your way down, lots of loose rock and dirt. recommend you keep a low center of gravity and try to slide on your butt of applicable

Nice hike. Only sounds are the creeks and the birds. Impressive large outcrops of rocks.

Moderately easy trail with beautiful creek running beside most of trail..Waterfalls are best after good rain....

Nice and easy hike. The waterfall is only trickling in dry season

3 months ago

Beautiful falls

Great short hike with a beautiful fall at the end. A little steep but not long. You can access the trail off of the Long Arm Branch trail to make it a little longer or just hike for the Sill Falls trail head.

Beautiful remote setting that ends with the beautiful falls. Take the first left fork if going the short route to the falls. It crosses the creek and gets rather steep at first. But not hard. Just a little slick if done after a rain.

Couldn't find this place...took me off bumpus cove rd...and it turned into a private drive the Nav on this one is messed up

6 months ago

6 months ago

One of the best Falls I have seen so far.

we loved it!!!!!

7 months ago

Really nice waterfall and it was a short easy walk.

Nice hike with a beautiful waterfall..We went after it had rained, so the waterfall was truly a sight to behold..Totally different experience from my previous hike to it..

Very tall and thin fall. The pictures do not do it justice. pretty easy hike there is one fairly steep hill getting there, but not horrible.

Short, easy hike. Saw numerous beautiful wildflowers along the way. The falls are beautiful.