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Great climb, beautiful trail. Rhododendron tunnels.

8 days ago

Easy Sunday afternoon hike

Wow. A very nice trail. The trail indicates a blue trail marker but the trail mainly had white ones after the trailhead. The turn off the main trail to go to Laurel Falls isn't marked with a trail name marker. You will turn left and go down the stone steps to the bottom for a spectacular view of the falls. We loved it. We also loved that they put in stone steps because it makes it easier to navigate. We will be back for another visit to hike the other trails located at this location.

Trail closed due to fires. No re-open date determined. :-(

Just really interested in a pond on top of a mountain. Does anyone know if there's fish on there? I've never been of course but I had to rate to make a post.

Beautiful hike, but overgrown with dog hobble and rhododendron. Many small stream crossings that can be rock hopped over. I could get to top of waterfall, but could not get to the bottom of it on this trip. It looked like the cave was down there also. Did not see a trail to get to waterfall and would have to go thru some thick underbrush to get to it. Definitely will return when less leaves and more water. Didn't make it to end...maybe another waterfall elsewhere. Previous comments noted two.? .......previous recordings are from panther branch trail in frozen head state park, whereas I recorded panther branch trail in Tellico plains! No emory or debord falls here. Just one that u need to cut thru underbrush to get to

15 days ago

Very nice day, 11/17/16. Sue and I hiked with our dogs, moderate to difficult somewhat. Narrow in places with some steps. The left loop takes you to first falls, continue on to the larger falls. Approximately 4.5 miles if you do the entire loop. To access the trail you have to cross a creek with a concrete bottom, not for all vehicles, then a dirt road about a mile and a half to start hiking from that point.

17 days ago

Enjoyed this gorgeous trail at the end of October. Colors were so pretty. Much of the walk is along the water which made it even better. Mostly shaded with trees. It's definitely off the beaten path but well worth the drive. We went on a weekday & there was a family there already which we ran into as they were leaving & we were heading in. Other than that, not a soul around. I live in FL so don't hike much but I do work out a lot and this trail definitely got my heart pumping at times. My sister & I kept laughing since we could hear our heart beat in our ears on several inclines (this was in areas where we were farther away from the sound of the rushing water and just the beautiful silence of nature was all around). We saw both of the amazing waterfalls. Somehow we missed the "loop" when we came back so ended up on the same trail we came in on. I'm sure we didn't miss much since it's all breath-taking! In all it took a little over 2 hours. We were whooped! My sister doesn't exercise at all and made it through without much complaining! Thank goodness I had a Garmin GPS to get us to the trail since the phone reception was basically nonexistent in that area. Other reviewers mention putting in the address of the white house located right across from the road that leads to the trail head & that worked great! And for any parents out there with little ones.....this trail is definitely not fit for any type of strollers, not even the sporty ones used for jogging with the kiddo. There's lots of ups & downs as well as a tree we had to climb over plus somewhat narrow steep steps to get to & from the falls. Watch your footing and wear some decent tennis or hiking shoes. Steer clear of flip flops & sandals for sure! ;-) All in all I loved this hike!!

19 days ago

Very nice hike last part is straight up.. Leaves make it challenging on the way down, but view is worth it..

Nice easy trail.

24 days ago

Wonderful! Not too long, perfect for a half day hike. Everyone in N. Ga has been talking about the drought, but the creek and falls had plenty of water.

The hike is easy not hard the falls were beautiful and still running it seems the drought didn't affect that area too much. I feel blessed to have been able to go alone and feel safe about it. I did find someone's keys though they have a Nissan if these are your keys please email me at eubanksjenny588@gmail.com

Will be a great hike when there is more water! But it's not a difficult hike at all! Good hike to take a dog on!

This is a really great trail. I would rate it medium, not hard. the falls were gorgeous.

The only "hard"part of this trail is the distance. The elevation was great and the path was an easy travel. great hike!