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The last mile of this trail is strenuous. We saw MULTIPLE scat from bear, and horses also use this trail. I would strongly recommend walking the Lookout Tower Rd the rest of the way up to truly experience the view.

1 day ago

This is a loop trail but you do have to walk on the side of Highway 64 for a little ways. If you go during the week or non-busy hiking season you will be the only one on the trail. There are also white blaze markers along the Rock Creek portion but they are old and some are gone due to age or the tree rotted. There are a lot of trees down due to the tornadoes in the area this year so there is a lot of climbing over dead falls, which is fun but have to be careful to not lose the trail in a couple of them. Usually the trail is very easy to follow but its getting more difficult which is also good. We had bear activity when we hiked but not any problems with them. Once at the intersection of the Dry Pond Lead trail on the way to Highway 64 the blaze makers are very easy to find. They are white and diamond shaped. Still one of my funnest day hikes. Mostly because of no people.


on Benton Falls Trail

2 days ago

The trail is mostly flat with rock steps down to the creek at the end. The falls are beautiful and look like a water wall. Nice easy walk.

3 days ago

Went again a month later. This time made it to waterfall which is off the trail. Rock overhang at waterfall. Don't know if this is the "cave", or if we just didn't find the cave.
Didn't go to end, but app registered us hiking 4.7 miles round trip. Good day!

Awesome views, but the hike is definitely steep. Bring lots of water and don't forget to rest along your ascent.

15 days ago

Great 3mi round trip, the falls are about 60 ft and plan to get wet for some fun

trail running
17 days ago

difficulty rating should be easy, 1000ft-ish gain over 4 miles of a well maintained trail. Great for trail running or easy weekend afternoon hike.

17 days ago

Went last summer. Trail was pretty easy to work with although we had a little trouble finding it when we tried to drive in originally. The trail is located past all the camp sites and areas over by the lake. There were some stairs down that were wet, but the water was flowing really well and the waterfall was beautiful. Bunch of people would come through and go swimming so had to wait a bit to take my pictures, but it wasn't too bad. We came in right as a big group was leaving so just had to deal with the random people that would wander in and ignore the fact that I was trying to get pictures as they stood right in front of me. Very pretty place.

If you are looking for a good workout-this trail for you. Very long steady incline. 1 hour and 50 minute steady incline before a slight leveling out. Good views while no leaves on trees. No signs of wildlife.

19 days ago

Falls were beautiful. Nice hike through the woods with several Creek crossings.

20 days ago

I really enjoyed coming here. It was a lot different than most of the average hike/waterfall experiences! It beautiful! But do not follow the GPS on here because it takes you straight to the fall, not the hiking entrance! Other than that.. 10/10 would recommend.

20 days ago

This trail should be rated as difficult for the most of the way as you climb straight up the mountain. Good views in the fall and winter. The trail does narrow at certain points so be sure to have some hiking shoes with some aggressive lugs. I would also recommend taking a mid high hiking boot for ankle support. I would not recommend this trail for beginners or for family hikes. The trail head base is at a camp ground with benches, fire pits and restrooms. Also the trail was more like 8 miles on my GPS.