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Cedars of Lebanon State Park is named for the dense cedar forest that existed in the Biblical lands of Lebanon. The park contains 900 acres which are used for intensive recreation. An additional 8,100 acres are operated by the Parks Division as a natural area and by the Forestry Division as a State Forest.

nice park. Great way to spend a few hours. easy trails .

Short little hike but enjoyed the sink holes and the unique tree and cave. lots to see in a short easy walk.

Great long walk thru the woods. Peaceful, and some hidden treasures for those looking...

This was not one of our favorite hikes. The bugs make it quite unpleasant, even for avid hikers. It's mostly flat with very little scenery if you like to take photos on your hike.

2 months ago

Nice trail with not much traffic. I took my 4 and 6 year old today, and it was the perfect length. Nothing super spectacular in terms of scenery, but it was nice enough.

3 months ago

Nice easy loop, not too heavily trafficked even during peak season. Have seen lots of wildlife on the trail which makes it enjoyable. Good for dogs, a few access points for water and lots of new smells.

good trail for my 10yr old son and myself

4 months ago

Fantastic! !!

4 months ago

What a neat little trail. It was a little rocky from time to time, but was well marked and easy to follow. It was a good time.

Very good, easy hike to take young kids on. Would do again.

Please excuse the misspelled words. in my past two reviews.

I have sitting here all day replaying in my head what I saw today on this trail. It was very muscular and athletic looking. It had a brown color to it. Like I said in my last review, I walked up from behind it so I never got a real good look right at its face. One reason is when I first saw it, I knew it was something some one did not need to walk up on and I got the hell out of there. The guy at the ranger station was asking me some stupid questions. Like I sat down with it and did a Good Morning America interview with it. I know when I see something that is dangerous, to get away. Do not sit around, get the hell out of there. This was either a very large out of the ordinary Pit Bull or a Cane Corso. If you do not know what a cane corso is, look it up, it is a pit bull times three in size. They favor a lot in the head and body, just a lot bigger. It is a dangerous dog just like the pit and I am afraid some body might walk up on it and get hurt or even killed. It could of got lose from a house near by, but they are very dangerous. If I walked up on a German Shepard or something like that, I would of not pulled my fire arm out and ran. Seriously, do not venture out here alone.

Ok... Today was the first time I have done this trail. I got about half way and all of a sudden I ran up on some huge animal. I just want to let people to be careful and do not hike this trail alone. As I was hiking about half way I approached some kind of animal. I did not stick around to find out. What ever it was it had its back to me and was walking the opposite direction. I only stopped for a couple of seconds because I did not want to stick around and find out. The ones that stop and d=try to investigate are the ones you read about in the paper or see in the news for getting attacked. I vividly remember seeing its back paws and they were humongous. This was no little dog wondering around in the woods. I first though cain corso. It was a brown color and was very athletic and muscular. to really the shape of a mountain lion. It reminded me of the two devil dogs on Ghost busters if you have seen the movie. I am a Tennessee gun permit holder and I carry every where I go. I immediately pulled my pistol out and walked backwards real slowly. Once I got around the corner, I hauled ass all the way back to my truck, I drove straight to the rangers station at Cedar Forest and reported it to the ranger or whatever he was. He did not seem to concerned or maybe thought I was crazy. He did not really seem to know much about anything. Starting to wonder if they found this guy one day randomly walking the woods and just gave him a uniform and said you work here now. I know more then this guy. I just want to warn people who are thinking about hiking this trail. I have been all over the place hiking in my life. From the AT trail to small public parks and I have never encountered what I did to day. If it was a pit bull or a mountain lion or what ever, No human should walk up on what I did today. It was enough for me to draw my weapon and haul ass. I will be in contact with the park again in the next day or two. I will also contact TWR if they don't.

Did this short trail and then went on to another trail that they have here. It's was pretty fun, climbed down into little spots we thought was an entrance to the cave but were unable to find it. Overall was a fun walk, I'd recommend it.

6 months ago

Nothing overly special. Easy trail for beginners and kids. Lots of flowers and flowering plants.

Trail was fine but this stupid app is worthless. I can get more info from google search . Will be deleting soon!

7 months ago

Nice trail. Is rocky in places. Not too many hills. It took me a little over an hour to hike. If you have children or are smelling lots of roses I could see this trail taking twice a long.

nice easy walk not too exciting though. was hoping for more interesting sites to see.