I am very familiar with every single trail in this park, and I'm beyond impressed. I run here regularly. The park offers everything from nature trails to paved paths to a gravel road through the woods. The paved trails are on rolling hills, with a couple of "false flat" stretches. The hiking / trail running ranges from easy to difficult, so there's something here for everyone. The trails are fairly well marked and well maintained. There are so many out-and-back or loop options I've made out here on the trails and/or paved paths that giving y'all an estimate of the distance of an average route would vary too greatly to be an accurate representation. I can, however, get a minimum of a 3 to 4 mile run in on any route I take (which does not include detours I take onto other trails to make the run longer). Clean bathrooms are located at the visitor center. I highly recommend Barfield Crescent Park!

Great running or hiking trail.

Really enjoyed this trail! Paved, dirt, and rocky trails. Mostly flat trails make it a nice easy walk through the woods. The different surfaces make it perfect for all hiking and walking skill levels.i suggest starting in counter-clockwise direction from Wilderness Center. Great way to get the youngins into hiking. Also a nice little trail system to try out gear before doing bigger hikes ( if you live in the area). I will recommend these trails and return.

Good for getting a little exercise and fresh air, very family/dog friendly, not strenuous nor boring.

nice little trail, nothing crazy. saw plenty of dogs and kids walking this trail.

Absolutely loved this trail we did the 3 mile loop and it was absolutely beautiful! The trail cut through rock formations along the dry Creek bed (November) with all the changing and falling leaves. 4 thumbs up!

Nice, family place.

Favorite trail in the Murfreesboro area - great hills! It's a beautiful little get away in the city and good for kids.

Good trail. Starts out as asphalt then when it first approaches the river (was dried up besides a couple of spots) turns into an actual dirt trail. Also, was a little congested at first then once got past the asphalt we just pasted a few people on the trail.

Nice easy trail to hike, convenient loop. Was passed by several incoming trail runners.

Great hike! Loved it!

Nice hike. Pay attention trail marks are easy to follow.

Love the nature trails here.

Not a bad trail; very slick and muddy after big rains when you get off paced portion. Starting Marshall Knob Loop to the right from the wilderness station, first portion is paved. Hike gets much more interesting with trails through forest on second half. Would return to do Marshall Knob together with loops starting to left of station.

love this trail. my kids and dog love it too